Geraldo Rivera’s Chest & More Hot Older Men (Photos)

Geraldo Rivera wowed us with his smooth pecs. And he’s 70! From Pelley to Putin, more aging celebs whose bodies put frat boys to shame.

Clockwise from top left: Twitter; AP (2)

Clockwise from top left: Twitter; AP (2)

Sexiest Oldest Chests

Now that's a selfie. Geraldo Rivera may not have caused the same level of swoons reserved for, say, Channing Tatum, but considering that he’s 70 years old, his chiseled chest is certainly impressive. In honor of Rivera’s recent flaunting of his sculpted pecs, here’s a roundup of the other male celebs over 55 with defined chests worthy of our admiration.

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Geraldo Rivera (70)

Geraldo Rivera recently turned 70...and wasn’t ashamed to let it all (mostly) hang out for a few hours. The Fox News personality tweeted a semi-nude picture of himself on Saturday with a note saying that “70 is the new 50.” In the racy photo, Rivera is wearing nothing but tinted glasses and a towel or robe to cover his, er, package. He quickly deleted the photo from his account, but the world had already been treated to an up-close and personal look at Rivera’s toned chest and abs.

Dave Allocca/Starpix, via AP

Roger Daltrey (68)

Shiny? Yes. Greasy? Yes. Astonishingly hairless? Absolutely yes. As unsettling as all those things are at first, a closer look at Daltrey’s proudly shirt-open physique reveals a remarkably toned chest and even some abs poking through. All this, and the rocker is just two years shy of hitting 70. Clap clap, sir.


Scott Pelley (55)

Apparently Anderson Cooper isn’t the only bona fide hunk reading the news. As CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley proved earlier this week during 60 Minutes profile of Hugh Jackman, he’s sporting a buff physique to rival that of the America’s favorite silver fox. Rocking the seams out of a skintight tee while lifting weights with Wolverine, Pelley’s bulging pectorals instantly ignited Twitter with comments like “#60 minutes of beefcake”—which was tweeted by, of all people, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenny.


Liam Neeson (60)

An audition for the Magic Mike sequel? To raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month while appearing on Ellen, Liam Neeson stripped down to an itsy pair of hot-pink briefs. While his body isn’t exactly Daltrey-level taut and trim, Neeson’s muscle definition ain’t too shabby for a man entering his seventh decade—and certainly befits Hollywood’s biggest action star.

Pool photo by Alexei Druzhinin

Vladimir Putin (60)

Ladies and gentlemen, your inspiration for Old Spice’s iconic “I’m on a horse” commercial. Russian President Vladimir Putin is exceptionally fond of flaunting his manly physique. He has been photographed shirtless fishing, shirtless swimming, and shirtless walking introspectively. And of course, most epically, shirtless on a horse. The breakout stars of every photo: Putin’s pecs.

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Dennis Quaid (58)

You just gasped, didn’t you? Any teenager would be blessed to have the kind of body that Dennis Quaid—be still our collective hearts, here shown off while surfing—has well into his 50s. In fact, Quaid’s six-pack abs and perfectly toned chest may even be better than what he had 33 years ago, while filming Breaking Away.

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Bruce Springsteen (63)

Never has Bruce Springsteen lived up to his name more. He is The Boss.


Sylvester Stallone (66)

An ab per decade—is that how it works? Sylvester Stallone’s Benjamin Button body still sports Rocky-like six-pack abs and pecs more than 30 years later. Those Philly art museum steps do a body well.

Starsurf / Splash News

Sting (61)

Sign up for a yoga class. Now. Sting famously swears by a daily yoga regimen, which is how he maintains a 25-year-old’s body at age 61. “There’s a certain amount of vanity involved, and dignity,” he’s said of his fitness diligence. “I wouldn’t feel good singing my own songs unless I looked decent, and I couldn’t really do my job if I was a fat git.” Namaste, indeed.


Tim Daly (56)

Private Practice has hosted steamy love scenes featuring hunks like Taye Diggs and Benjamin Bratt. But at 55, Tim Daly works the post-shower towel scene with just as his much appeal as his younger co-stars.


William H. Macy (62)

William H. Macy is 62 years old and routinely appears shirtless or completely nude in Showtime’s Shameless. And you know what? We’re not looking away.