Prince Charming

Prince Harry Visits the USA (PHOTOS)

See the best moments from the royal’s trip across the pond—but no naked antics yet.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Prince Harry Visits America

Prince Harry is known for many things, most of them involving his, ahem, wild antics. But this week he’s showing the world his good side. And he did not fail! His visit to Washington, D.C., this week as a representative of both the royal family and the British Armed Forces showed him for the royal everyone hoped he would one day be. Now if only his American fangirls would stop screaming like he’s a different Harry—Harry Styles, that is ...

Pool photo by Andrew Mills

Touring Sandy's Remnants

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie walks Harry along empty lots in Mantoloking, New Jersey, on Tuesday. Harry was on a tour of the storm-damaged coastline, inspecting dune construction, walking past destroyed homes, and shaking hands with police and other emergency workers. New Jersey sustained about $37 billion worth of damage from the storm. 

Richard Drew/AP

Harry Does New York

Harry, right, and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron arrive by New London Bus for an event New York on Tuesday. They were in the city to promote British trade and tourism.

Pool Photo by Kevin Lamarque

Meeting the Wounded

At Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Prince Harry met with Staff Sgt. Timothy Payne, who lost both legs while on patrol in Afghanistan in 2011. “The care they give us here is fantastic,” Payne told the prince. He also told Harry about his plans to swim across the channel, and said the prince said he was “crazy.” Harry also marveled at the equipment at Walter Reed, saying, “We’ve got nothing like this back in the U.K. You guys, as Americans, are used to the technology—we are always behind.”


Warrior Games

The prince trained with the British Warrior Games team in Colorado Springs. To stimulate the experience of the wounded veterans, Harry played sitting down. Speaking to the troops in camouflage fatigues, Harry said he had served alongside U.S. troops in Helmand province, and “no matter the detail or the accents, I witnessed firsthand the bravery of our troops.”

Chris Jackson/Getty

Hello, Missy!

He might be in Colorado for the Warrior Games, but there’s always time for Prince Harry to meet more delighted women. Olympic swimming champion Missy Franklin apparently almost started screaming when she met with Harry at a reception Friday night. Luckily for her, it was also her birthday, so he made millions of women all over the world jealous as he presented her with a cake and sang Happy Birthday. “I love the royal family,” Franklin said. “All my friends can’t believe how lucky I am to be here. I think everyone just has so much respect for Prince Harry.”

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A group of Prince Harry’s female fans enthusiastically waits for the object of their admiration to arrive at an anti-landmine photography exhibition by The HALO Trust. He inspired major displays of excitement in female fans all day—many of them reportedly congressional staffers. “I’ve never seen so many women!” one staffer exclaimed after seeing Harry’s fan base, and another said, “You could hear hearts breaking all over the room when he left.”

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The prince and the first lady applaud at a reception honoring military families on Thursday. Michelle Obama announced him as a “surprise guest”—we bet they weren’t expecting one of the most famous soldiers in the British Armed Forces!

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool,via Getty

Friends in High Places

HRH, along with Sen. John McCain, attended a dinner at the British ambassador’s house on Thursday night. But the Arizona senator might have been just a little bit jealous of Harry’s fanbase, as McCain told reporters that Harry seemed “a little embarrassed” by the screaming fans. “In all the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never seen such an unbalanced gender gap,” McCain said. Despite his jokes about all of Harry’s female fans, McCain told the prince, who is a veteran combat pilot, that he must be a much better pilot since “he hadn’t been shot down.”

Bruce Adams/Pool,Getty

Showing Respect

Donning his military best, Prince Harry laid a wreath on John F. Kennedy’s memorial on Friday. Harry’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, attended Kennedy’s funeral in the same spot nearly 50 years ago.

Bruce Adams/Pool,via Getty


The prince showed appropriate respect and solemnity during his visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Friday. On the grave of Army soldier Michael B. Stansbery, 21, Harry left a wreath and a note with the simple message: “To my comrades-in-arms of the United States of America, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom, Captain Harry Wales.”