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Johnny Weir Picks Fabulous Spring Fashion Must-Haves

The most exciting event during the Sochi Olympics was one held off the rink...seeing what Johnny Weir was going to wear next. The rising fashion star shares his must-haves for spring.

Michael Loccisano/Getty

Michael Loccisano/Getty

My overall feeling towards fashion every spring and summer is white, purity, and a somewhat natural beauty. My love of white all year round is inspired by the glamour of my best friend, Meg Carlozzi, and my love of winter, snow, and ice. When picking out new outfits, I like to feature avant-garde fashions from Japan, while maintaining a feeling of classic luxury with old standards. I find that, especially in spring and summer, white helps to show off your body and personality best…and it looks super with a tan from a fabulous jaunt to Aruba or Rio.

Erickson Beamon Custom Mohawk

I love Erickson Beamon for their creativity and no-holds-barred attitude about turning something that’s rough, like a metal headdress, into something beautiful and modern.

Jeffrey Campbell Barbie Wedge

I like this shoe’s hidden message—that we can stomp out tradition and stand tall on our own.

Boucheron Bague Cynge Ring

I have a major affinity for swans—I've used bird themes in my performances many times over—and I am a huge fan of Boucheron, so two worlds collided for me in this amazing statement piece.

Skingraft Sheer Hoodie

In spring and summer, I love to show off as much skin as possible without being obscene, and I love the sporting feel of this hoodie.

Hermès Kelly Bag in Ostrich

I am obsessed with pure white handbags, exotic skins, and gold for spring and summer, and Hermès is one of my favorite companies. I prefer a 35cm Birkin or a 32cm Kelly.


Garreth Pugh Kimono

Garreth Pugh is one of my favorite designers because he blends an amazing structural aspect into all of his designs. I love this kimono-inspired jacket from his Spring/Summer 2014 runway show.

Mihara Yasuhiro Lace Hemmed Shirt

I always try to include a global feel into my wardrobe. Throughout my travels, Mihara Yasuhiro, a Japanese designer who shows in Paris, has been a favorite. I love to include lace and sheer fabric into my spring and summer wardrobe while keeping it modern.

J Brand Tullia Leather Short

While I would prefer these shorts in white, I love a leather hot pant for summer. Also, mixing a little black into my wardrobe is basically a requirement living in the greater New York area. This pair of J Brand shorts is incredible to show off that booty.

Marks-Lloyds Furs/

Lynx Fur Vest

I am very fond of fur, and I wear it all year. Lynx is wonderfully soft and has such beautiful hues that lend it perfectly to my wardrobe.

Louis Leeman Paris Beaded Loafer

I am a new fan of Louis Leeman since wearing their shoes to the Oscars, and every piece they create is luxurious and so comfortable. This loafer also comes in a beautiful blue and white, which reminds me of the Russian folk art, Gzhel.

Rimowa Salsa Air in White

I have traveled with Rimowa since 2005, and there is no greater luggage on the planet. White is so fresh, and when it thankfully scoots down the baggage claim, you'll know it's yours.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona Rainbow Watch

I love a statement watch all year round, but especially on a bare arm in summer. While I appreciate the secret luxury of Patek Philippe, Rolex hits it out of the ballpark for me with this rainbow sapphire, diamond, and gold Daytona. This is definitely my dream watch.

RtA Denim Cobain Leather Pant

I am obsessed with the new denim line RtA, especially their leathers. This Cobain pant with detachable rump duster is my fave, but they have incredible white and red leathers that are equally appropriate. This pant is great because it offers two looks for the price of one.

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage, via Getty

Ulyana Sergeenko Runway Trunk

Ulyana Sergeenko is an incredible artist, and I absolutely adore this trunk decorated with classic Russian fairy tale-style figures. 

Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho, via Getty

Mihara Yasuhiro Runway Hair

Beauty trends are so important in spring and summer as we are almost-naked most of the time and often rely on our hair to make a statement. This gold leaf perfection from Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro’s Spring/Summer 2014 Runway show is definitely something I’ll copy.

Cle de Peau SPF 50

I believe in Cle de Peau so much, and this sunscreen has kept me looking like porcelain for the better part of my adult life.