The Taliban's Terrifying Attack on a Kabul Guesthouse

Terrifying photos of the Taliban storming a guesthouse in Kabul holding a U.S.-based aid group, Roots for Peace, which replaces minefields with vineyards. The country is already on edge in the lead up to its April 5 elections, which the Taliban has long attacked as a Western sham.

Omar Sobhani/Reuters


Protecting the Children

Foreigners hold children as they take refuge behind a generator after they were evacuated from a guesthouse during an attack by Taliban gunmen in Kabul.

Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Evacuating to Safety

Afghan policeman evacaute foreigners after Taliban insurgents forced their way into a guesthouse in an upscale residential part of Kabul.

Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Helping the Injured

An Afghan man aids a man who was injured at the Taliban attack on the Kabul guesthouse.

Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Arriving on the Scene

Afghan policemen arrive at the Kabul guesthouse. 20 people have already been safely arrested.

Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty

Moving to Safety

A foreigner is escorted by an Afghan policeman after evacuation after a Taliban attack on a guesthouse where US-Based aid group Roots for Peace had memebres located.

Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty

Arming Up

Afghan members of a special reaction team are deployed at the scene of the attack at the guesthouse in Kabul.