MLB Mascots You Should Follow on Twitter (Photos)

From the photobombing Billy the Marlin to the ‘Rocky’ quoting TC Bear, these characters are in a twitterverse of their own.

Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated/Getty

Mike Ehrmann/Getty

From the photobombing Billy the Marlin to the ‘Rocky’ quoting TC Bear, these characters are in a twitterverse of their own.

Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated/Getty

Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants


Luigi Francisc (aka Lou Seal) captures the uber-chill spirit of a team whose World Series in 2010 and 2012 were unsurprisingly anchored by a charming pothead pitcher (Hi, Tim Lincecum). LouSeal quotes Back to the Future and settles disputes between the Stanford and UC Berkeley mascots with a soothing mantra: “It's a Bay Area thing #OneLove.”

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Mr. Met of the New York Mets


The very first MLB live-action mascot caused quite the stir when he joined Twitter in March, especially when a mascot trash-talking throw-down ensued over Mrs. Met. Mr. Met may be the funniest Twitter mascot, quipping “I joined @Twitter because I have no ears and don’t speak, but I have thumbs so it made sense.” From tweeting photos of himself posing with cops in Time Square to rocking out a fan's bat mitzvah, Mr. Met is a welcomed addition to the Twitterverse.

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TC Bear of the Minnesota Twins


TC Bear is as polite on Twitter as you would expect someone from Minnesota to be, but that's why he's so charming to follow. Plus, he quotes Kung Fu and Rocky IV, so he's pretty much like your kindly, slightly geeky uncle from St. Paul.

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Southpaw of the Chicago White Sox


Though called the White Sox, Southpaw is furry and green. He makes semi-awkward jokes with his fans about stalking him on twitter and randomly shares his desire to make a cameo on Chicago Fire. In short, his random tweets only add to his charm.

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D. Baxter of the Arizona Diamondback


His Twitter bio claims he's “the best smelling mascot in sports” and a rock, paper, scissors champ, but D. Baxter has personality to boot. He's kind of like the overgrown fraternity brother you wished you had (at least for baseball season), kicking off a Twitter campaign where he accepted requests to email Arizonans' bosses to get them out of work for opening day.

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Billy the Marlin of the Florida Marlins


Billy the Marlin rocks some awesome costumes on the field, and he loves to photobomb, watch Survivor, and listen to Pharrell. That's pretty much all you need to know to make his Tweets worthy of your feed.

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Orbit of the Houston Astros


It's not easy being the mascot for arguably the worst team in baseball (and one with a stingy owner who's running the team into the ground, no less). But perky and hopeful Orbit can guide even the most disappointed fans through the Astros many, many losses.

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Sluggerrr of the Kansas City Royals


You can't help but crack up reading Sluggerrr's twitter feed. Not only did he start off the whole Mrs. Mets fracas by implying he hooked up with her (yes, MLB mascots have illicit affairs, too), but he chimes in with fantastic one-liners about the latest news. His best recent one: “Really happy I canceled my travel plans to the @CopenhagenZoo.”