Students Criticize Harvard Lampoon for Publishing Offensive Image of Anne Frank

A petition is circulating on Harvard’s campus denouncing the school’s storied humor magazine the Harvard Lampoon for publishing an anti-Semitic image of Anne Frank. The image shows a cut-out of Frank’s face superimposed on an image of a woman in a bikini, with a caption reading: “Gone Before Her Time: Virtual Aging Technology Shows Us What Anne Frank Would Have Looked Like if She Hadn’t Died.” The caption continues, “Add this to your list of reasons the Holocaust sucked.” Rabbi Jonah C. Steinberg, the executive director of Harvard Hillel, emailed editors of the Lampoon saying the publication of the image was akin “to the obscenity of the Nazis.” Lampoon co-presidents apologized for the image in an emailed statement to The Crimson. “We realize the extent of offense we have inflicted and understand that we must take responsibility for our actions,” the statement reads. “... We are sorry for any harm we have caused. Furthermore, we want to both affirm and emphasize that the Lampoon condemns any and all forms of anti-Semitism.”