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Holly Madison, Mariah Carey, & More Celebrities Who Insured Body Parts (Photos)

From Holly Madison to Fred Astaire, see celebs who insured breasts, legs, smiles, and other personal features.

Hugh Hefner ex Holly Madison just insured her breasts for $1 million. From Dolly Parton to Fred Astaire, see other celebrities who insured legs, voices, smiles, and other personal features.

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Holly Madison

Former Hugh Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison recently had her breasts insured for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London. The 31-year-old former reality star now regularly performs in the Las Vegas production, Peepshow. Madison said, “If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars. I thought I’d cover my assets.”

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Mariah Carey

The superstar singer is famous for her amazing voice, but apparently, she decided that her legs are just as valuable. In 2006, Mariah Carey had her legs insured for a whopping $1 billion after she became the face of shaving company Gillette’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign. At the time, a source said, “The sum reflects her popularity. She’s about to start a U.S. tour and she’ll have to be careful.” A 16-foot-tall statue of Carey’s legs was unveiled at Radio City Music Hall in honor of the campaign.

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America Ferrera

The actress famously wore braces on Ugly Betty, but in reality America Ferrara’s teeth are pretty much perfect. So perfect, that when Ferrara teamed with a teeth-product company for a charity, the company took out an insurance policy—on her smile. The actress seems to have appreciated the policy. She said, “It’s very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million. It’s not something that I ever imagined happening.”

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Mark McGwire

During Mark McGwire’s 1998 quest to break baseball’s home-run record, he took out an insurance policy on his ankle. Of course, the St. Louis Cardinals already had insurance on him, but the underwriter would not insure McGwire’s ankle, because he had been having trouble with it at the time. But Lloyd’s of London was willing to write a policy just for his ankle. It was very specific, and the company had to determine exactly which tendons and ligaments were included in the definition of “ankle.” 

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Betty Grable

Betty Grable was once one of the biggest stars in the world. At one time, she was the highest-paid Hollywood celebrity and her 40 films grossed more than $100 billion. But between her dancing, and her famous pinup photographs, she was arguably most famous for her legs. Grable thought so too, and she had them insured for $1 million.

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David Lee Roth

Former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth did not insure the typical body part. Roth took out an insurance policy on his sperm for more than $1 million. Most people think that this was a precautionary measure to ward off any paternity lawsuits from spurned and angry groupies. 

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Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire was known for his singing and dancing. He made nine movies ballroom dancing with Ginger Rogers. So it was only natural that he would insure both his legs (for $75,000) and his arms (for $20,000).

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Dolly Parton

Singer Dolly Parton is famous for her blond hair, her voice, and also her 40DD breasts. She felt her breasts are so important to her act that she had them insured for $600,000.  

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Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen may have been born in the U.S.A., but he had his voice insured in London. Lloyd’s of London insured the singer’s voice for the huge sum of $5.7 million. He may have taken out the policy as far back as 1988, but that is not known for sure, because neither Lloyd’s nor Springsteen’s publicist has commented on the policy’s details.