Ice Pack Bra, Quit Smoking Bra & Other Odd Brassieres (PHOTOS)

Triumph has a new bra that keeps wearers cool. From a gas mask to a phone holder, see more offbeat bras.

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Triumph, the company behind a number of strangely innovative brassiere designs, just came out with a new undergarment to keep women cool during a hot summer day. The “Super Cool Bra” features built-in gel icepacks in each cup that remain soft while frozen, giving the wearer a “super cool feeling,” according to the Japanese manufacturer. And for whatever reason, the bra is designed to look like a fishbowl. What other bras have alternative purposes? From a bra with hidden pockets to one that double as a gas mask, we run down the most multifunctional underwear.


Joey Bra

The Joey Bra, a creation inspired by Facebook posts about women losing their phones at bars and parties the night before, is a bra that features a side strap pocket to keep a “cellphone, ID, and key on the side of your bra with easy access,” according to the company’s website. It does not, however, address the issue of having a rectangular lump sticking out from the wearer’s side when fully dressed. Nor does it accommodate the vast spectrum of sizes in the bra-wearing world: the Joey Bra comes in small, medium, and large, instead of traditional bra sizes.

Yoshikazu Tsuno, AFP / Getty Images

Husband Hunter Bra

This bra, which we have nicknamed the “Anti-Feminism Bra,” is another creation from Triumph, which came up with the undergarment as a solution to Japan’s falling birthrate. The “Konkatsu Bra”—translation: “Marriage Hunting bra”—features a timer showing how many days are left for the wearer to get married, and yes, the countdown timer can be set by the woman, not the company. Once the bra is “set off,” the only way it can be stopped is by inserting an engagement or wedding ring between the cups. There isn’t enough space in this space even to get started on our rant against the “Husband Hunter,” so we’ll remain silent—that is, until the wedding march sounds (no really, the bra actually plays music once a wedding band is inserted).

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Quit Smoking Bra

Coated in liquid titanium (no joke), this bra releases the scent of lavender to soothe its wearer’s cigarette-smoking urges. It also contains jasmine, which alters the taste of cigarette smoke. And the titanium? “To break down cigarette smoke,” according to the company that released it.


Cancer Detection Bra

Probably the most practical bra on the list, the breast cancer-detecting bra is able to discover cancer before a tumor begins growing and also evaluates the effectiveness of treatment, according to developers at the United Kingdom’s University of Bolton. The technology, which relies on a microwave antenna woven into the fabric, can sense any abnormal temperature changes in breast tissue.

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Gas Mask Bra

A bra that transforms into two gas masks? The inventors of this seemingly impossible gas mask bra won the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize in 2009 for their invention of a brassiere that could double as two gas masks. “You have to be prepared all the time, at any place, at any moment, and practically every woman wears a bra,” said the Ukrainian inventor, who studied the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster for years. She noted that the bra would be useful in many instances, including a riot, freak dust storm, or nuclear disaster.

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Putting Mat Bra

Some women really, really love to golf. Some women love to golf so much they keep a miniature putting green next to their heart, and their breasts. The “Nice Cup in Bra”, a corset that when removed, serves as a 1.5-meter putting mat. If you’re ever feeling desperate to swing some clubs, and also to get spontaneously topless, remove the bra, unroll the “green,” and simply aim for either one of two cups at the end of it.


The Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Bra

While not technically a bra, as it doesn’t have any cups, this “anti-bra” is to be worn at night to ward off cleavage wrinkles. What are cleavage wrinkles? They’re formed between the breasts from old age and sleeping on one’s side. Designed by a Dutch woman who noticed this phenomenon, “La Decollette” is a harness-type top that features two cutouts and a wide strap in the front to keep the area between the ladies wrinkle free.

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Smart Memory Bra

While using similar technology to the breast cancer-detection bra, the “Smart Memory Bra” detects a woman’s arousal by monitoring breast temperature. When breasts get to a certain “aroused” temperature—whatever that means—the reactive expanding foam cups squeeze the breasts together, creating more cleavage. (We’re continuing to fight back a rant against said “smart” bras…)

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Photovoltaic-Powered Bra

Yet another Triumph creation, this undergarment has a solar panel attached to it, so you can charge your cellphone, computer, iPhone, etc., as you’re running errands or going for a jog. It also comes with refillable water-filled pouches to drink from, so your bra keeps you hydrated all day long. This sounds like a particularly heavy and dangerous—if, say, the charger and water come in contact with each other…and your breasts—brassiere, but at least it’s made from top-quality organic cotton!