Iconic Schiaparelli

Diego Della Valle has moved forward with the revival of Schiaparelli with the announcement that Christian Lacroix will design a fifteen-piece couture collection. See iconic photos of the legendary fashion house.

Fox Photos, via Getty; Jacqueline Larma/AP; Apic/Getty

Fox Photos, via Getty; Jacqueline Larma/AP; Apic/Getty

As the house of Schiaparelli mounts its comeback, see iconic photos of the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli. 


Elsa Schiaparelli poses in her studio on March 1, 1934

Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet, via Getty

A gold evening dress by Schiaparelli, shown in Paris in August, 1937. 

Fox Photos, via Getty

Schiaparelli ushered in trousers for women. At right, she wears her famous wearing her 'trousered skirt' in Hyde Park, London.

Keystone, via Getty

A man examines a prototype of a new range of hand-painted stockings with a leaf motif by Schiaparelli in 1959.

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A dress by Schiaparelli, shown with a parasol and hat, in London on June 13, 1934. 

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Schiaparelli fits a model with a dress in her shop in Paris while a worker checks the measurements.


A 1952 sketch of a "shocking pink" dress by Schiaparelli, pictured with a fine wool scarf. 

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Schiaparelli's famous felt-tip hat, shown here on a model (photographed for the magazine Femina) in 1937.


Schiaparelli surveys some of her sketches at her home in Paris on January 28, 1949. 

Chicago History Museum/Getty

One of Schiaparelli's most creative evening ensembles -- featuring a human face with long hair in metallic thread -- from 1937.

Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty

A pink cape by Schiaparelli, called "Phoebus," created between 1938-1938, on display in storage of the Galliera fashion museum in Paris on February 25, 2013. 

Jacqueline Larma/AP

A surrealist evening dress with lobster print designed in collaboration with Salvador Dali displayed at "Shocking! The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2003.

Charles Sykes/AP

Model Coco Rocha arrived at last year's Costume Institute gala (which honored Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada) in a pink and yellow suit by the late designer.

Christophe Ena/AP

The house of Schiaparelli is set to relaunch this year with Farida Khelfa as its muse. Here, she poses at the Schiaparelli apartment in Paris, which has been restored to convey the designer's surrealist universe.