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IRS, Internet Explorer & More Unexpected Company Tumblrs (PHOTOS)

The IRS reblogs tax advice, Internet Explorer rebrands with gifs, and more company Tumblrs. By Molly Taylor.

AFP/Getty; AP; The Christian Science Monitor, via Getty; PRNewsFoto, via AP

AFP/Getty; AP; The Christian Science Monitor, via Getty; PRNewsFoto, via AP

AFP/Getty; AP; The Christian Science Monitor, via Getty; PRNewsFoto, via AP

By Molly Taylor


Internet Explorer rebrands itself with two of Tumblr’s favorite things—gifs and ’90s nostalgia. The IRS runs a Tumblr account as mundane as paying taxes. And who knew that there was such a demand for Furby news? Plus more companies that are unexpectedly on Tumblr.

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Internal Revenue Service

If you need help filing your taxes this year, the Internal Revenue Service Tumblr is here to help. In addition to their Twitter account, YouTube channel, and smartphone app, there’s an IRS Tumblr filled with infographics to provide tax information. This utilitarian Tumblr hasn’t yet caught on in popularity, with one exception: each post has fewer than five notes.

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Ben and Jerry’s

For ice cream enthusiasts and aspiring hand models, the Ben and Jerry’s folks are here to serve. Their Tumblr posts pictures of hand-held pints as well as the inside scoop on new flavors such as Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt. And for those worried about their ice cream’s safety, one of the most notable posts is a protective lid lock for a pint of Berry Voluntary.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer acknowledges that it’s the browser that you loved to hate with its clever and appropriately titled Tumblr account. The blog humorously combines brightly colored gifs, videos, and graphics to convince naysayers that liking the new Internet Explorer is not just a sign of the apocalypse or 1990s nostalgia.

PRNewsFoto, via AP

ID Gum

What do catfish noodling, bedsheet origami, and raisin hydration have in common? They are all phrases ID Gum uses to describe its “kinda a tumblr” blog. The whimsical page is used to promote ID Gum’s ArtCade, which is part art gallery and part arcade, that can be unlocked by scanning packs of ID Gum. One favorite—the Cat-A-Pult from Valentine’s Day.


While it may have been created to promote Norton’s anti-virus products, the Norton Tumblr also offers a wealth of information about cyber security, from how to save a wet smartphone to preventing social-media phishing. And for James Bond enthusiasts, there is even a post explaining cyber terrorism in Skyfall.

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Since Furbies have their own language, it is not surprising that they have their own news site, too. The Furby Tumblr posts “all news that’s fit for Furby” including the breaking news of the discovery of a portal to the unicorn dimension. The site also features pop-culture news, classified ads, a police blotter, and advice column—all complete with gifs of the fuzzy robot creatures. And for reporters aspiring to be on the Furby beat, submissions to the site are encouraged.

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United Nations

Fitting for such an international organization, the United Nations seeks to create connections across the digital world through its extensive social-media efforts. The U.N. Tumblr provides nearly daily updates about its humanitarian efforts including the work of the World Food Program in the Sudan and aid to Syria, while also proving that flashy gifs and fancy layouts are not required to be a great Tumblr resource.

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For up-to-the-minute market news, look no further than the NASDAQ Tumblr. With a ticker tape crawling across the top of the blog, NASDAQ also reblogs articles, infographics, and quotes featuring business and technology trends for the innovative Tumblr user.

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Holiday Inn

Proudly declaring that it’s “celebrating 60 years of firsts,” the hotel chain Holiday Inn uses Tumblr to prove that it’s more than just a place to stay, by inviting its followers to share their memorable moments. One of the most poignant stories shared is from Sandra and George Castille, who first met on a blind date at the Holiday Inn where Sandra worked in 1975 and were married soon after.

Getty Images

Breathtaking photos from Getty Images can be seen across the Web, and Tumblr is no exception. The photo agency continually updates its Tumblr with the most notable photos of the day, including of world leaders, sporting events, and fashion covers.