Israel’s Mad Hatter and His Mouthwatering Creations

Easter is the one day of the year that Americans embrace their spring bonnets, and who better to look to than the Israeli milliner crafting pieces that are sure to turn some heads.

Americans don’t usually wear hats that make an intentional statement. (See: The Baseball, The Trucker, etc). Aside from the occasional fedora, hats are generally worn more for utilitarian reasons (the sun, the rain, the vortex) than necessarily for fashion. The British, on the other hand, go mad for hats that seem to say, ‘Oh hey, look at me!’ whether they’re going to a wedding in Yorkshire, the Ascot race for Ladies Day, or just to the pub for a pint. Now, Israeli’s are getting in on the hat action—or, at least, one Israeli. Maor Zabar, a 35-year-old costume designer based in Tel Aviv, has crafted an array of outlandish hats, many of which look more like they belong on the plate than the head. Zabar, who’s been designing apparel for theater for 13 years, was inspired to design delectable headwear after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease two years ago. “There was a period of time when I could not eat a lot of things,” Zabar tells The Daily Beast, “so I started creating what I craved.” His diet is now back on track, and he’s excited to take full advantage via his millinery skills. “A friend told me that candies are very hot in America, so I thought maybe I’d do a candy line,” he says. That should be a sweet treat come next Easter, when Americans go batty for bonnets. Until then, healthy headwear (with a side of good ole cherry pie) and other wacky styles will have to do.

Talk about an egghead! This sunny-side-up handmade hat can be purchasd on Esty for $266.

Zabar's hats, like this plate-o-prawns fascinator, also $266, can take up to 15 hours to make. 

This vegetable salad fascinator, which retails for $266, is made of wool felt, the majority of which Zabar says he has to leave Israel to find. "I cannot find supplies for millinery [here]," he says. "I either shop online or I buy in New York when I’m there."

What's that? You smell something fishy? Well, look up! Zabar uses paint on top of wool to create intricate details like the lines in the "wood" on this fascinator, which also retails for $266 on Etsy.

Hello Miss American Pie! It's no wonder someone from the U.S. inquired about this piece. "She also asked me to costume design a specific hat inspired by a mythical creature," says Zabar. "She even sent me photos." 

This "Astonishing Couture Porcupine" headpiece, $220, is made out of goose feathers, felt and wool felt. "I always try to improvise," Zabar says of his materials. "I like to go to the flea markets and look for materials that are not necessarily traditional, but they can get a much more interesting result." Indeed...

Putin would look positively divine in this "Matryoshka Couture" nesting dolls beret, dontcha think? The $250 piece is handcrafted from wool felt, crochet, cotton and paint. 

Those who dream of being the "Mother of Dragons" could do worse than with this $250 silk-scaled fascinator constructed out of wire, gold leaves and latex. 

Willy Wonka will have nothing on whomever tops their lavish look with this bad boy, $190, made of wool felt, gross grain and linen.

This sculpted fuscia fascinator for $190 is sure to, uh, turn heads.

Is it a fish? A piece a meat? Does it matter? This wool tweed beret is one of the cheapest in the bunch at $162.