Mother’s Day

Justin Bieber, Tim Tebow & More Celebrity Momma’s Boys (PHOTOS)

From Shia LaBeouf to Michael Phelps, see photos of stars who make every day Mother’s Day.

Shia LaBeouf says he’d marry his mom, Tim Tebow’s mom rushes the football field for hugs, and Justin Bieber defends his mom on Twitter. See photos of stars who make every day Mother’s Day.

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Michael Phelps

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps told Anderson Cooper that he will retire after the 2012 London Olympics, and if it weren’t for his mother, he might be hanging up his Speedo even sooner. “Do you want to do this? Do you want to go an extra four years?” Debbie Phelps asked during the interview, saying she “absolutely” hoped her son would compete in the 2012 Olympics. In 2009 the swimmer hit a low when newspapers around the world published a photo of him smoking marijuana. “I think being able to see how it affected the close people around me, I think that was the thing that hurt the most,” he said. “Just, you know, telling my mom that. I don’t ever want to tell her something like bad like that happened.”

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Tim Tebow

A 2010 Super Bowl ad features quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pamela, talking about Tebow growing up, when Tebow tackles her and she says in rebuttal, “I’m still tougher than you!” Their playful banter masks a more serious past: when Pamela was pregnant with her would-be NFL superstar son, she became very ill, and doctors urged her to get an abortion, but she refused. It’s obvious the pair have a close bond, as Momma Tebow can be seen on the sidelines cheering at his games or rushing the field to give her son a hug after a victory or a loss.

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Peter Brant II

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her son took a lot of heat after a 2010 trip to St. Bart’s for photos in which they appeared to be enjoying a steamy liplock. After many brushed-off interview questions and confusing responses, here’s one from Mama Seymour that makes sense, sort of: she told Town & Country magazine she was feeling self-conscious after gaining 10 pounds, and to make her feel better, her son pretended to woo her like “one of the stars in one of the movie musicals” the family loves to watch together. But then it gets weirder. While she claims they thought they were alone on the beach, the son took to Facebook to tell friends the two played up the kiss because he knew photographers were lurking nearby. Regardless, it’s safe to say this pair is equally enamored with each other. So here’s to ... keeping it all in the family?

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Justin Bieber

The teen pop idol owes his fame as much to his mother as he does to his angelic voice. Mom Pattie Mallette helped the singer post YouTube videos of him singing R&B songs in 2007. Usher’s manager discovered Bieber online, and the rest is history. After a 500-fan stampede recently knocked over Bieber’s mother and stole his hat, he responded via Twitter: "Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama ... Come on people ... I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans but if you are all pushing, security won't let me."

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Rocco Di Spirito

The celebrity chef is a self-proclaimed momma’s boy, and he’s not ashamed of it. He admits to going to church and rosary-society meetings with his mother, Nicolina, and, as the youngest child with several years between his nearest sibling, his mother became his closest friend in the family. “I think my mom’s presence in my life was a little bit more than usual,” said Dispirito. “I think given where I grew up, she felt very protective and wanted to make sure I wasn’t involved in all the craziness around me.”

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Ryan Gosling

During the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, The Notebook heartthrob showed up to promote his new film Blue Valentine with his mother, Donna. Of course this isn’t anything new for Gosling. Post-breakup with Rachel McAdams, Gosling’s mum accompanied him on the red carpet in New York and, in that same year, he took her and his sister to the Oscars.

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Will Smith

Caroline Smith graduated from Carnegie Mellon so when Will told her he wanted to rap instead of pursue a life of libraries, she was disbelieving at first. During his first year, he paired up with two other artists and won the first-ever Grammy in the rap category. As for his mom? “She backed up a little bit. I sent her one of those 300E Mercedes, and she was cool,” Smith told Reader’s Digest.

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Shia LaBeouf

In a Playboy interview, the actor was asked who he thought the sexiest woman he knew was: Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, or his mother. Being the momma’s boy that he is, he went with, of course, Shayna Labeouf. “She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.” To prove their inseparability, LaBeouf bought his mom a house just 10 minutes from his own and, at the age of 19, when a neighbor insulted his mother and rear-ended her car, he grabbed a knife and a friend to avenge her, although he ended up getting jumped by the guy and six other friends.

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P. Diddy

For the 2008 Emmy Awards, rapper/producer Sean "P. Diddy" Combs brought his mother, Janice, to the red carpet. “I wanted to share this time with her ... and because of her, I’m here,” Diddy told Ryan Seacrest.

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Matt Damon

In 1997, when Good Will Hunting won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, the 27-year-old writer/actor probably could have brought any young starlet to the next year’s Oscars. Instead, he brought his mother, Nancy. All those years of upbringing sure paid off!

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Elvis Presley

Until her death in 1958, Gladys Presley remained incredibly close to her son; they used baby talk and even pet names with each other. “There were many reasons that caused the close relationship. Elvis was the sole surviving twin,” said Elaine Dundy, who wrote about their relationship in Elvis and Gladys. “You could say a relationship of twinship developed between them—beyond the mother and son.”

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Tom Cruise

The star is an infamous momma’s boy, often sidelining Katie Holmes by showing up with Mary Lee Mapother South at red-carpet events. South left Cruise’s abusive father and raised the future Top Gun as a single mother. “My mother finally had the courage to stand up to my dad and go, ‘No more! I'm not taking it,’” Cruise said to Parade magazine in 2006. "I saw how my mother created [her life] and made it possible for us to survive."

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Justin Timberlake

The singer is so devoted to mom Lynn Harless that he tattooed her initials and the word “guardian” on his back. "She's been my best friend since I figured out who I wanted to be," he told Rolling Stone. "She goes out with me and stays out later than I do." Wonder what song she requests at the clubs?

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Bryan Batt

Bryan Batt, otherwise known as Salvatore Romano from Mad Men, is coming out with a book to commemorate the influence of his mama on his life. “I wanted to call it ‘a mom-oir,’ but they wouldn’t let me,” said the actor-designer-activist. The book is called She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother, and it’s a collection of stories about his coming of age and his perfumed Southern-belle mother, Gayle. “I just had to celebrate my mother’s life because she’s had such an influence on me.”