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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Imaginary Baby Registry (PHOTOS)

Savvy power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting. Here’s what to buy their stylish baby.

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From diamond pacifiers to a fur coat fit for a toddler, here’s what we’d like to imagine may be on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby registry. By Anna Klassen

Diamond Pacifier—$17,000

This diamond-encrusted pacifier, complete with 14 carat white gold and 278 diamonds (totaling 3 carats), can be yours for the low price of $17,000 big ones on Amazon.com. But be warned: according to the website, there are only three left in stock!

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Japanese Robot Babysitter—Price TBD

You wouldn’t leave your baby alone with a stranger, but what about a robot? Made in Japan, this babysitting computer attends to your children by a specialized robot-readable badge. The badge has your child’s name and age encrypted, and the robot can even converse with your youngster, although its vocabulary is quite limited. Although the 4’ 7” computer is only being used in a department store at the moment, it is slated to debut in other capacities soon. So here’s to date night, every night!

Prince or Princess Carriage Bed—$9,000

Kimye’s little boy or girl is sure to feel like a king or queen in this royal bedchamber. Complete with hand painted name and designs, the one of a kind creation is yours for a lofty nine grand… and a 12-16 week waiting period for delivery.

Maclaren GB Type AU Gold Baby Stroller—$4,000

Why shouldn’t Kim and Kanye’s baby have a stroller wrapped in black leather and gilded with gold? Considering the embryo will likely be named ‘Messiah’ or something starting with a ‘K’—the $4,000 dollar accessory will fit in just fine.

Corsican Dynasty Baby Cradle—$1,529

Hand cut, crafted, and connected by pouring molten metal into a mold, this piece from the Corsican Furniture collection is more than an expression in alliteration. At around $1,500, the cradle would be prefect to “kuddle” Kim and Kanye’s Kid.

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Toddler Fur Coat—Price TBD

How many minks does it take to make a coat for Anna Wintour? A lot. How many minks does it take to make the same coat for a child? Slightly less. Although we aren’t sure about the exact price for this fur ball of a jacket, we can assume Kimye—judging from the amount of fur they collectively have worn—would love it for their bouncing babe. We can also assume PETA will subsequently cover it in red paint. (Sold separately.)


Louis Vuitton Monogramed Diaper Bag—$1,100

Rachel Zoe had a $1,100 Louis Vuitton diaper bag for her newborn. “Is Skyler to young too have his first LV? So MAJ for a new diaper bag! DIE! Thoughts? XoRZ,” tweeted Rachel Zoe of her purchase. Since the tote is monogrammed with the tot’s initials, we assume the popular stylish won’t be sharing. 

Bugaboo Bee + Missoni Stroller Accessory Set—$600

A $600 stroller may seem like a lot, but we’re going to guess celebrity parents Kanye and Kim will shell out the big bucks for their newborn. Adorned in bright stripes and boasting a sun canopy, four-wheel independent suspension, foam-filled tires, and a “baby cocoon” for newborns, you really have to be a parent to see the value in these otherwise meaningless terms. Five-point harness, anyone?

Gucci G-Detail Toddler Shoes - $310

Kanye West loves Gucci. Incorporating the luxury brand into his songs, tweets, and (likely) everyday conversation, we assume he’s gonna buy the little guy or gal some Gucci swag. Here’s one suggestion: $300 kicks with the brand’s iconic “interlocking G detail.”

Burberry Infant’s Check Trim Bodysuit, Hat & Bib Set—$130

It’s not a three-piece coat and tails, but for a baby, it’ll do the trick. This Burberry bodysuit, designed for infants, comes with a shirt collar, long sleeves, button-down placket, and bottom snaps—to accommodate easy diaper changes. Considering newborns outgrow their baby clothes in a matter of months, we hope Kimye’s bundle of joy doesn’t have any “accidents” in this $130 dollar ensemble.

Ralph Lauren Stripe Bib & Blanket Set—$106

Babies need bibs. Bibs are designed to keep babies’ clothing clean while they are eating—kind of like napkins or disposable rags. But if you are Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, and if your baby wears only the best, you may as well throw down a Benjamin for something as disposable as a bib… like this striped number from Ralph Lauren.