Katy Perry, Oprah & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Tyra Banks, Iman, and more of the week’s best celebrity Twitter photos.

Iman and Naomi Campbell discuss race in fashion, Patrick Stewart posts a post-wedding pic, and more of the stars’ Twitter photos from this week.

Patrick Stewart

Congratulations to Patrick Stewart! He posted this pic with the simple caption “Yes, married.” He married his fiancé, jazz singer Sunny Ozell, with Ian McKellen presiding. The picture mimics his Twitter avatar, which is a picture of himself immersed in play-pen balls.

Larry King

Larry King, seen here with famous singers Celine Dion and his own wife Shawn, takes a good picture after yet another interview. He recently had another lovely lady at his side this week when he interviewed tennis player Maria Sharapova about her recent injury and future in tennis.

Tyra Banks

The Top Model herself decided to take a series of 15 photos of modeling icons this week and posted some of the results to twitter. Tyra Banks posted this image of herself as Cara Delevingne to prove she transformed into the young model even without retouching!


Even Oprah enjoys the simpler things sometimes. Here she is picking fresh tomatoes from her garden. She has reason to celebrate after a successful box-office run with The Butler, so it makes total sense she’d relax out in the garden with a great summer harvest.

Jamie Chung

The Once Upon a Time actress has been making the rounds just like many other celebs at fashion week and looks beautiful doing it. What’s better than snapping a selfie in a store full of fashionable shoes? Snapping a selfie with the designer himself, Matt Bernson.

Gisele Bundchen

This hot mom can’t help but show off her model body. Here she is at the beach in a picture captioned “I’m feeling at one with nature.” It’s pretty obvious the model has a soft spot for mother earth. She and husband Tom Brady recently dropped $20 million on an eco-friendly mansion.

Katy Perry

The Prism-mobile is out of the shop! Katy Perry’s huge, gold truck that was driving around to promote her newest album got into a fender bender a few weeks ago. Good to see she’s got it up and running again. The album, Prism will be out October 22, and based on the great first single Roar, it’s sure to be a sparkling success

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Watertown, Wisconsin this week to promote, what else, but water! Obama posed with Eva Longoria with water bottles as part of a campaign to encourage proper hydration. Obama seemed to be in the spirit of the event, sporting a deep blue dress in support of water.

Calvin Harris

Scottish singer, songwriter and producer Adam Richard Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris, looks a little uncomfortable here with Swedish DJ Alesso. You can tell these two feel so close to one another right now. Things are looking pretty good for Harris after being recently named 2013’s highest paid DJ.

Drew Barrymore

Celebs might seem glamorous and untouchable, but deep down they’re just like us. They go shopping, they take pictures of t-shirts and some, like Drew Barrymore, make duckface while taking a selfie. This proud mom has recently been gearing up for the first birthday of her deliciously named daughter, Olive.

Carson Daly

They put Carson Daly right to work! It looks like Daly’s new gig at the Today and NBC news also involves some janitorial duty. He’ll be working as the host of “The Orange Room” on NBC while still keeping on as the host of the popular singing competition The Voice.  And of course, he’ll need to sweep up here and there as well.


Ageless supermodel Iman posted this pic with fellow cat-walker Naomi Campbell and diversity advocate Bethann Harbinson to promote a talk about race in modeling for a campaign called Balance Diversity