Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian & More Fashion Instagrams

Kim Kardashian’s festive costume, Bar Refaeli trampolines, and more top snaps from the beautiful people.

Sandy allows fashionistas to get creative, celebrities dress up for Halloween, Bar Refaeli hits the trampoline, and more of the week’s top snaps from the beautiful people.

Instagram / @derekblasberg

Derek Blasberg

“Monster’s last walk until #Sandy leaves town. So I wanted him to pee on something expensive,” wrote Derek Blasberg when he posted this photo of himself taking his pup on a walk through New York City.

Instagram / @cocorocha

Coco Rocha

Even celebrities have to weather the storm! Model Coco Rocha uploaded this snapshot of a fallen tree to her Instagram account and commented on the devastation: “Surveying the damage in my neighborhood. So many huge trees down like this one crushing a house and car. #Sandy #Aftermath

Instagram / @thecoveteur

The Coveteur

“Bagel (that’s a bag, don’t freak out!) breakfast with the Beckermans,” wrote The Coveteur when Instagramming a snapshot of an adorable Boo impersonator sitting obediently next to a pastry-shaped bag.

Instagram / @prabalgurung

Prabal Gurung

Designer Prabal Gurung went driving with some pals during the week, taking a break from a long, natural-disaster-filled days. “Trying to make the most out of Sandy. Going for a drive with @danielshea n @kylehotchkisscarone” he wrote when Instagramming the snapshot.

Instagram / @barrefaeli

Bar Refaeli

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli showed off her playful spirit when she uploaded this photo of herself jumping on a trampoline to her Instagram account. She captioned the pic, “Ultimate fun. Back to being a kid.”

Instagram / @mmmargherita

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Taking things to an eerie level, Margherita Maccapani Missoni and her husband dressed up like a dead bride and groom to celebrate Halloween this week. They celebrated the occasion by taking this snapshot, complete with apathetic facial expressions and unearthly makeup.

Instagram / @nickwooster

Nickelson Wooster

Looking like a steampunk genius, Nickelson Wooster got dressed up in an old-fashioned yet whimsical ensemble for Wednesday’s holiday. The creative director put up this snapshot of himself dressed to the nines and wrote of the look, “Best in show.”

Instagram / @ryantrecartin

Ryan Trecartin

The stylish filmmaker made us jealous of all of his friends when he uploaded this photo of a hell of a whole lot of Lana Del Reys. “Lana del ALLWAYS,” he appropriately captioned the pic.

Kim Kardashian

A woman of many looks, and many Halloween costumes, Kim Kardashian posted this pic of her and boyfriend Kanye West with the caption, “Cat woman & Batman.” This costume is not the first we’ve seen Kardashian wearing this Halloween season. Earlier this week she was seen sporting a very revealing leopard suit and a mermaid ensemble.

Instagram / @genevieve_jones

Genevieve Jones

We can’t help but believe Genevieve Jones when she writes, “Best Pug in the Universe!” about this photo of a ridiculously adorable pup. Although this photo isn’t entirely fashion-related, our justification stands: too cute to not include.

Twitter / @TaraSavelo

Tara Savelo

One of Lady Gaga’s ladies in waiting, er, makeup artist, Tara Savelo, uploaded a photo of the pair partying the night away. Lady Gaga, adorned in faux cannabis leaves and very little on her tatas, wrote of her controversial costume: “So i was weed for halloween. BEST COSTUME EVER ITS SO FUN. Princess High the Cannabis Queen.”