Three Strikes

Lady Gaga, Will Ferrell, Jay Z, & More Rowdy Celebrity Sports Fans Photos

Lady Gaga poured champagne all over the Giants’ MetLife Stadium. See more stars causing ruckuses at games.

Al Bello / Getty Images; Nick Laham / Getty Images

Al Bello / Getty Images; Nick Laham / Getty Images

Lady Gaga poured champagne all over the Giants’ MetLife Stadium. See more stars causing ruckuses at games.

Al Bello / Getty Images; Nick Laham / Getty Images

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has had not one, but two tumultuous visits to tristate-area sports arenas. In September 2011, Mother Monster was spotted in the VIP box at a New York Giants game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, sporting a Giants hat with a far more fanciful couture dress than the rest of the fans’ attire. Flutes flowed with champagne during the game, and Gaga dumped bubbly onto the railing. According to the New York Post, the alcohol dripped below into a section designated for handicapped fans.

Gaga's first sports-related debacle was in June 2010. In her bedazzled bra, a fiesty Gaga gave Mets player David Wright the finger at his hometown stadium, Citi Field. After the Yankees lost 4-0 to their crosstown rivals, Gaga reportedly visited the Yankees’ clubhouse in an open, loose-fitting Yankees jersey and allegedly engaged in some drinking with the players. A spokesman for the Yankees said Gaga is not banned from the Yankees clubhouse despite her actions, and Mets fans are already planning revenge on her during Wednesday’s game: They will be holding up foam fingers—index, not middle—with “Make Wright #1” written on them.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Spike Lee

During the 1990s, the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers had an epic rivalry. In 1995, Pacers star Reggie Miller made headlines when he scored 11 points in the last 8.9 seconds, winning the game for his team. Rabid Knicks fan Spike Lee had courtside tickets to the game and had famously trash-talked Miller throughout. After the win, Miller shot the choke sign—grabbing his throat and his crotch—and pointed at Lee, the picture made all the tabloids. Lee became infamous in New York for turning Miller into a warrior during the game, and the rivalry was so intense, it inspired Dan Klores to make a documentary, some 15 years later, called Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks. Miller, however, told ABC News that he and Spike Lee are neighbors now and have “somewhat mended fences.”

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Jay-Z dedicated part of “Empire State of Mind” to the 27-time World Series champions, the Yankees (“You should know I bleed blue, but I ain't a crip tho”), but he made the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox particularly nasty. In addition to being a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, Jay-Z owns several nightclubs named 40/40, and he sued Red Sox strongman David Ortiz after the slugger named a nightclub in the Dominican Republic Forty/Forty. Although the Forty/Forty club is not in direct competition with any of Jay-Z’s ventures, some speculated Jay-Z’s move had more to do with a hatred of the Red Sox than anything else.

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Jack Nicholson

The L.A. Lakers are famous for their celebrity fans—chief among them, Jack Nicholson. In 2003, Nicholson was almost ejected from a game when he got up and started yelling at a referee. In the past seven years, he hasn’t changed his antics: he flipped off a referee at a playoff game between the Lakers and the Utah Jazz in May.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Chris Rock

Courtside tickets to basketball games seem to invite controversy, and Chris Rock joined in at Game 1 of the NBA Finals this year. A Knicks fan, Rock taunted star Kobe Bryant from the sidelines. But Bryant had the last laugh against the comedian: he never once broke his concentration, despite the rapid-fire jokes coming from Rock. Watch the Zen-line concentration for yourself.

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Will Ferrell

The comic studied sports broadcasting at the University of Southern California, and even earned a degree in sports information. But his minor-league debut was anything but serious. Ferrell signed a contract to pitch a minor-league game for an Astros team as Billy “Rojo” Johnson, and Ferrell walked out onto the field dressed in heavy gold chains and a dark mustache. He threw his pitch far behind the batter, and got so frustrated, he tossed a beer at the batter and had to be chased off the field. Not your typical minor-league game.

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Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host brought his skills to the Monday Night Football booth during an appearance in 2007, when he repeatedly asked for dismissed announcer Joe Theismann and joked about the announcers betting on games. A Monday Night producer said Kimmel would not be asked back in the future, calling the comedian’s comments “classless and disappointing. It was cheap. The more he went on, the worse he got.”

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Ashley Judd

A diehard fan of the University of Kentucky’s basketball and hockey teams, Ashley Judd is a staple at the games. Besides auctioning off a dinner with herself and the UK team, she is also known for getting into some intense shouting matches at the games. Perhaps most famously, she once almost violated an NCAA rule by offering to drive a player’s mother to a game.

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President Barack Obama

The president has some serious college-basketball cred: his brother-in-law Craig Robinson is a coach at Oregon State University, and presidential aide Reggie Love once played for Duke. But Obama also roots for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA, and the “no drama” president engaged in a little trash-talking himself in March when the Bulls came to Washington to play the Wizards. Obama sat courtside, and a fan, Miles Rawls, began heckling the players, though Rawls insisted he was not disrespectful. Obama engaged in a back-and-forth with Rawls, and Rawls said “the gloves came off … We was having a good time. He was talking trash and I was talking trash. I couldn't believe he was that laid-back and real. I loved it."