Chinese Spa Owner Accused of Selling Trump Access: ‘I Love Our President’

The former owner of a Florida spa at the center of a prostitution investigation has denied allegations that she sold access to President Trump and claimed the accusations are part of a plot against her by Democrats. Li “Cindy” Yang, who is at the center of Democratic calls for an FBI investigation over her ties to Trump, told NBC News that she had been singled out because of her ethnicity and political views. “I'm Chinese. I'm Republican,” she said. “That's the reason the Democrats want to check me.” In a letter to the FBI, Democrats called for a probe into Yang because her company, GY Investments, was described as offering “wealthy Chinese clients” close access to Trump. Yang, however, told NBC her company had “nothing to do with politics, just like business networking.” “I love Americans. I love our president. I don’t do anything wrong,” she said. She also said her support for Trump and thousands of dollars in donations were to bolster his tax plan, which she said “would help us a lot.”

Yang said the spa she used to own, which was recently caught up in a prostitution probe that involved New England Patriots owner Robert Craft, “never [had] any problems” when she was managing it. “I sold [the spa] to [the current owner] in 2012 or 2013,” Yang said. “How they do their business has nothing to do with me.”