Lindsay vs. Ivana

Lindsay Lohan & Ivana Trump Fashion Faceoff: Who Wore It Best? (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan channeled Ivana Trump at Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding. See their style similarities.

Getty Images; AKM Images

Getty Images; AKM Images

Ivana Trump vs. Lindsay Lohan: Who Wore It Best?

Lindsay Lohan channeled Ivana Trump at Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding. Is the actress emulating The Donald’s ex? From their revealing looks to red-carpet gestures, see fashion comparisons of the two.

Getty Images; AKM Images

The Higher the Hair…

…the closer to Trump? Though many publications noted that the dress Lindsay Lohan wore to Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding was previously sported by Pippa Middleton in a bright green tone, we thought Lindsay was channeling a former member of American royalty: Ivana Trump. From her face-framing up-do to her cleavage-revealing gown with glittering embellishments, the 25-year-old actress’ ensemble looked an awful lot like the one the then-57-year-old Trump sported at a charity fundraiser in October 2006.

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Baby Blues

Just a month later, in November 2006, Lohan attended a party in her own honor at Paris’ VIP Room Theatre in a blue sequin bow dress from Topshop, that strongly resembled an earlier Trump look. Ivana wore this long-sleeve version at a Sotheby’s in New York City in September 1987, when her style doppelganger was a mere 1 year old.

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Bringing Out the Big V’s

Though Lohan’s peace sign became her signature move on the red carpet, Trump, now 62, has been spreading the same serene message for years as well. In a low-cut silver satin cocktail dress, Trump made the gesture in the air at a gala for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research in New York in October 2008 and two years later, showing slightly more skin with her metallic deep V, Lohan offered the same symbol at the 2010 MTV Video Movie Awards.

Little Black Belts

Of course, every stylish woman must have a little black dress, but Lohan’s strapless selection at the February 2011 celebration for the opening of Giuseppe Zanotti in Beverly Hills is very Trumpian. At New York Fashion Week in September 2002, the socialite went with a satin belted version that showed off her curves, proving the wardrobe fixture never goes out of style.

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Ruffled Up

While strolling in New York in May 2007, Lohan was Shakespearean on top and party on the bottom in this white, ruffled, high-collared jacket and button-down shirt with short shorts. Trump similarly mixed up the edgy and the demure styles at the premiere of Ivana Young Man at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in ruffled button-down shirt and black leather jacket.

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Furry Friends

While Trump opted for this luxe means of keeping warm at the Luca Luca Fall 2001 international fashion show, Lohan’s similarly-hued overcoat caused quite the stir. In 2008, a Columbia University student named Masha Markova accused Lohan of stealing her $12,000 mink coat at New York nightclub 1Oak in January, pictured here. Though Lohan’s rep denied the allegations, the fur was returned to Markova and claims against Lohan for five-finger discounts have continued.

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Tighty Brighties

Hervé Leger bandage dresses have made many red-carpet appearances and neither Lohan nor Trump missed out on the trend. Lohan wore a multi-colored version at Maxim’s Hot 100 party in 2007 and Trump made headlines when she dared to show off her curves in a more subtle and covered-up, long-sleeve, magenta version at a cocktail reception in France in May 2011. “The 62-year-old looked like she had the body of a woman decades younger in the hot pink frock,” The Daily Mail wrote, adding that she “stole the spotlight.”

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Showing Their Spots

This time, Lohan can say she wore it first. At the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, the actress wore this leopard cap-sleeve, hip-hugging outfit and then, at Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2009 fashion show in September 2008, Trump also went with a short-sleeve spotted ensemble. Jersey Shore’s Snooki would approve.