Lynsey Addario on Assignment

Lynsey Addario, a veteran war photographer who shot Newsweek's recent cover on George Clooney, is among the four Western journalists who disappeared in Libya. Now Said Gaddafi has promised their release.

Paul Conroy, Reuters / Landov,PAUL CONROY

Paul Conroy, Reuters / Landov

Lynsey Addario

Journalists, including New York Times photographers Tyler Hicks (right in glasses) and Lynsey Addario (far left), run for cover during a bombing run by Libyan government planes at a checkpoint near the oil refinery of Ras Lanuf March 11, 2011. Hicks and Addario, along with NYT correspondents Stephen Farrell and Anthony Shadid, are missing since falling behind the lines of Muammar Gaddafi's advancing forces two days ago, the NYT announced on Wednesday.

Chang W. Lee / The New York Times.

Lynsey Addario photographed an Iraqi man as he was denied entry to a U.S.-run hospital after the boy sustained a bullet wound in Kirkuk, Iraq, on April 11, 2003.

Ms. Addario on assignment.

Elizabeth Rubin

Ms. Addario on assignment in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.

The writer Dexter Filkins, a Taliban commander, and Ms. Addario on assignment in the FATA region of Pakistan.

Ms. Addario fording a river in Sudan.

Elizabeth Rubin

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.

Elizabeth Rubin

Ms. Addario in Afghanistan.

Kursat Bayhan

Ms. Addario in Istanbul in 2009.