Meet the Mama Grizzlies

Sarah Palin’s brigade of lady-bears, from Christine O'Donnell to Karen Handel, share soft features, killer curves, dark brown locks—and a startling resemblance to President Clinton's old flame.

Adrian Groom / Getty Images; Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP Photo

Adrian Groom / Getty Images; Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP Photo

Christine O'Donnell

Many have noted the Delaware Senate candidate's striking resemblance to Sarah Palin, but her true political doppelganger is Monica Lewinsky. Look at that bone structure, the way they purse their lips! The similarities between the chaste Mama Grizzly and President Clinton's former mistress end there. As a Tea Party favorite, O'Donnell defeated veteran politician Mike Castle in a major upset in mid-September. She has taken a strong stand against any extra-marital sexual activity, including masturbation, although she has not specifically commented on the use of cigars.


Toby Marie Walker

The Waco Tea Party's lead facilitator Toby Marie Walker has opted for an earlier iteration of the Lewinsky 'do—favoring tight curls over the flat-iron look—and shares the former White House intern's taste for bold makeup. Her Twitter profile says that this self-proclaimed "Reagan Republican" has "a low tolerance for BS." Walker is mad as hell and she is not going to take it anymore. In an op-ed piece to her local Texas paper, Walker wrote: "Some have called Tea Partiers wingnuts… I've heard us called racists and terrorists… Such characterizations are false. We are proud Americans… Tea Partiers love their country. We love our country so much that we cannot sit by and let politicians destroy what we the people have built. We must stand up and scream 'STOP!'" When she's not making sure her voice is heard, according to her blog, Walker also enjoys bird watching.

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Darla Dawald

Darla Dawald, national director of, may be a blonde, but she's rocking Lewinsky's big bang theory, a look that says, "I'm not afraid of a little Aquanet." The two also share a similar face shape, with high cheekbones that emphasize a great smile. Dawald, an Arizona resident, has three dogs, whom she treats like children named Gunnar, Dante, and Chanel, according to her online profile, which also includes a video of the Hillsong United Church performing, "None but Jesus."

Newscom; Tony Avelar / AP Photo

Amy Kremer

Tea Party Express Director Amy Kremer recalls a Lewinsky look from tougher times, with wind whipping loose strands of that trademark dark-brown hair, thin eyebrows and a fuller face. Kremer, a former flight attendant, who considers herself "a true Southern Belle," founded the California group with longtime GOP operative Sal Russo and assured the co-hosts that Sarah Palin is not her "leader." Kremer and the Tea Party Express are all about "fiscal responsibility," not about race or gender. She's also is seemingly a fan of Donald Trump and The Apprentice. In a statement released after Christine O'Donnell's win, Kremer said: "Wake up corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C. Change is coming like a tidal wave, sweeping across this country. It's time to call the moving company, start packing up boxes, and look for new career opportunities. We the People have had enough, and we've got a message for you: You're Fired!"

Ron Galella, WireImage / Getty Images; AP Photo

Sarah Palin

Need we say more? The former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice-presidential nominee shares not only a common look with Lewinsky but also a common way of looking—that cocked head, that coy, skeptical expression, the fatal mix of sweetness and deviousness behind the eyes. But where Lewinsky disappeared from public view after her firestorm of press coverage during the Clinton scandal, Palin has rode a wave of frenzied media attention to a new peak of power. Between her memoir Going Rogue: An American Life, her upcoming TLC show Sarah Palin's Alaska ,and her daughter's high-profile stint on Dancing With the Stars, the quintessential Mama Grizzly also launched the Tea Party's "Pink Elephant Movement," endorsing many fellow female GOP candidates, including Christine O'Donnell and Karen Handel. And Palin has continued to leave her mark—Time magazine named her one of the 100 World's Most Influential People of 2010 and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called her "the most formidable force in the Republican Party right now."

Nick Ut / AP Photo; John Bazemore / AP Photo

Karen Handel

Here's a more stately Lewinsky look, a grown-up version, with a shorter, more artfully starched coif and fuller brows: Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Karen Handel, who also received former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's support. Handel, Georgia's former secretary of state, conceded to Congressman Nathan Deal in mid-August. They were reportedly only separated by 2,500 votes. During their race, Handel said, "My opponent has virtually the entire political establishment working with him, for him, and attacking me… They wanted to keep doing business with the state and having their secret deals and keeping the free trips and free meals… Well, I've got some news. They're going to lose." Handel has not commented on Deal's notorious financial troubles that have since come to light, seemingly taking the high road and avoiding any "I told you so's."

RJ Capak, WireImage / Getty Images; AP Photo

MIchele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is certainly leaner and meaner than the former presidential mistress, but at Lewinsky's fittest, the two share a certain slick urbanity. Neither is a city girl, but here both are rocking pony-straight manes and a disposition that appears fearsome but not frightening. After serving six years in the Minnesota State Senate, Bachmann is running for reelection to the House and is a hero of the Tea Party, which she assured her loyal followers in April "is growin' and steamin'." Despite rumors that Bachmann's seat could be eliminated due to low Census counts, as The New York Times recently reported, she is leading in the polls and agreed to three debates on Monday with her Democratic and independent competitors that will begin a week before the Nov. 2 Election Day.

Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images; Jim Cole / AP Photo

Kelly Ayotte

It's the shoulder-length hair, the sharp eyes, the porcelain skin—but mostly it's the dimple that give Lewinsky and former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte their serious-but-sweet look in these pictures. In 2009, Ayotte resigned and decided to enter herself in the 2010 race for the Senate seat available since Judd Gregg is not seeking reelection. Ayotte defeated her three opponents in the Republican Senate primary in mid-September, ending the trend of defeat for her fellow anti-establishment challengers against those with strong financial backing. Now, Ayotte is preparing to go up against Democrat Paul Hodes and is leading in the polls. Sarah Palin called Ayotte "a Granite State 'mama grizzly' who has broken barriers," and though Palin didn't make it to NH to campaign for Ayotte, her former 2008 running mate in the 2008 presidential election, John McCain, has been by Ayotte's side in recent weeks, calling her "an instant star."