The Fever

Meme of the Week: Justin Bieber Fan's Obsession with "Boyfriend"

After the pre-teen heartthrob challenged his fans to a sing-off, one of them created a YouTube video that immediately went viral.

Justin Bieber’s hit song “Boyfriend” may have over 25 million YouTube views, but a fan's rendition of the song clocked over a million in just 48 hours. When the preteen heartthrob announced a singoff contest to promote his new perfume “Girlfriend,” his legions of followers jumped on board. But one particular spoof, by YouTuber wzr0713 (which includes lyrics like “If I was your girlfriend/ I’d never let you leave/ without a small recording device/ taped under your sleeve”) has sparked nearly as much hype as the original song, inspiring blogs, Twitter accounts, and memes galore. This particular meme features the crazed face of a teenage girl behind creepy comments like, “Just because you broke up with me doesn’t mean I broke up with you.” And, “I wish I could kill my parents so I could live with you.” Check out the rest of these hilariously weird messages from what may possibly be Bieber’s most devoted fan.