Moguls on Obama and the Economy

Known for its guerrilla journalism, Vice Media has linked up with corporate giants in an investment deal. Nicole LaPorte talks with Shane Smith about how the move affects his company’s indie cred.

David Zalubowski / AP Photo,David Zalubowski

David Zalubowski / AP Photo

Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei

"Housing prices, which are the primary place where people have net worth, are still down. On a percentage basis, people are more levered, not less. I'm very worried about what happens to consumer spending in 2011. It is hard to get excited or optimistic about consumer spending, and most of the people here have consumer-facing businesses."

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Former Yahoo and Warner Bros. CEO Terry Semel, now with Windsor Media

"Personally, I would hope that we bridge a path toward bringing business leaders who represent a very large piece of the economy in our country back to government."

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Discovery Communications Founder John Hendricks

"I'm optimistic that we won't go into a double dip. It'll be a slower recovery than we were thinking about maybe six, seven months ago, but we are on the path to a full recovery. It might be two years away still, and we'll have some fallbacks every now and then."

Nati Harnik / AP Photo

Former News Corp. COO Peter Chernin, now with Chernin Entertainment

"I do think the administration will blame business for things too quickly. I don't think they are anti-business, it's more nuanced than that, but they appear that way because they jump too quickly on the bandwagon."

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Saban Capital Group Founder Haim Saban

"In all fairness, President Obama inherited a mess with no precedent. The real test will be when we start getting out of the mess we are in, then we will be able to tell how pro-business they are. Right now we are managing a crisis. It is unfair and inaccurate to pass judgment right now. Once we are out of the crisis, then we will be able to see."

Mark Lennihan / AP Photo

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes

"Right now there's growth in the U.S., not contraction, but it isn't strong growth. We will have a stretching out in time of the current situation. That doesn't mean a dip, but it also doesn't mean all of a sudden a recovery. We will continue to bump along with high deficits without having the dollar go down because there's a point of safety to the dollar for that."

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Former Viacom CEO Tom Freston, now with Firefly 3

"Whether President Obama gets re-elected or not depends a lot on what happens to the economy in the next two years. But he could flop and maybe still get re-elected because the Republicans seem to be digging themselves into this extremist, polarizing position."

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt

"Europe has the same structural issues as the U.S., except they also have governance issues, which are worse because no one is in charge. Both the U.S. and Europe are in for long recovery with ups and downs."

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WPP Group CEO Sir Martin Sorrell

"The administration clearly feels that business profits as a percentage of GDP are at or close to an all-time high and, secondly, the business isn't paying enough taxes. The issue for President Obama is whether people think he is an idealist or a pragmatist, and I think most people tend to think he's an idealist, that he is less flexible and less open to change."