Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes for 2011: Photos

From bumblebee to hot dog, see photos of this year’s top pet Halloween costumes.

From bumblebee to hot dog, see photos of this year’s top pet Halloween costumes.


One of the costumes that landed on all three most popular lists The Daily Beast referenced, the bumblebee dog is a classic—just watch out for the stinger end.


Complete with a “peasant” dress and pirate hat, it’s a costume for the canine wannabe wenches of the world.

Dapper Dog

For the betrothed pooches, a getup with gold buttons and top hat. Manners not included.

Punk Dog

Pet going through his or her adolescent dog years? Here’s a costume expressing that angst.


Because even pets need a secret identity.

Doggy Bride

You can’t leave the drooling bride without a veil. The only thing missing from this costume is a ring on her stuffed, bouquet-bearing paws.


For the Toto in everyone’s life who would rather be the star of the yellow brick road.


With feathered sass and red fringe, the flapper pet costume befits the sassiest of pooches and kitties.

French Maid

Humans aren’t the only Halloween revelers who want to show their cheeky side.

Prematurely Pink

All rosy-hued and retro-outfitted, a beehived pet is sure to bring some personality to any party.


It may not be a costume suited for the catwalk, but it sure beats being sent to the pound. This “bad dog” ensemble does not include obedience lessons.

Hammerhead Shark

Pet lovers who wish every week was “Shark Week” can get their thrills on Halloween now. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water comes this terrifyingly cute costume.

Dog Riders

Miniature cowboy. Check. Doggy saddle. Check.


Send your precious pooch back to prehistoric times with this stegosaurus bodysuit. Warranty against extinction not included.

Sailor Dog

Everyone looks good in a sailor costume, so why not make this year’s Halloween costume a family affair—dog included! With this outfit available in adult and child sizes, your pup will feel even more like a part of your fleet.

Jockey Dog Rider

Even puppies can look like a blue ribbon winner with this tiny jockey. Place your bets accordingly.

Monkey Dog Rider

If man’s best friend were to suddenly befriend Abu from Aladdin, it would look something like this.


From the pick of the litter to the pick of the patch, of course.


For the little Lucifer in every family pet, a red cape with a pop-up collar and a horned hat. No one said evil can’t be cute.

Hot Dog

A wiener for your wiener.” Bun and condiments included!


The classic Halloween costume—now for dogs.


Not quite Casper, but not friendly nonetheless.