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Needle Found in Delta Sandwiches and More Gross Things Found in Food

From fingers to frogs, The Daily Beast rounds up the most disgusting items found in food.

Hungry? Savor that feeling—you won’t be for long. From fingers to frogs, The Daily Beast rounds up the most disgusting items found in food.

Needles in Delta Sandwiches

Two Delta passengers flying from Amsterdam to the U.S. suffered minor injuries when they bit into sandwiches that had needles in the meat. Needles were found in sandwiches on four flights that departed from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The sandwiches were apparently made by an American company based out of the airport, and on Tuesday, the FBI launched a criminal investigation into how the needles ended up in the sandwiches. Delta said Tuesday the airline is taking the matter extremely seriously and has switched its inflight meal to pre-packaged pizza. But we’re still wondering why they were serving turkey sandwiches in business class to begin with.

Wendy’s Chili Bowl Finger Claim

In 2005, Anna Ayala reported finding a part of a human finger in her bowl of chili at a Wendy’s estaurant in San Jose. Wendy’s offered a $50,000 reward for information on the origin of the finger as their sales took a hit. But it turned out Ayala and her husband lied, and they were later sentenced to a maximum of nine years in prison for the fraud. And to add further insult to injury, they were banned for life from Wendy’s after they got out of prison.

Gene J. Puskar

Used Condom in Whopper

We’ve all been told to be nice to the waiter or they might spit in the food. But how about putting a used condom in it? That’s exactly what Van Miguel Hartless claimed, who said his sandwich was not made in plain sight as they normally are. But it got worse for Hartless: he said the manager laughed at him. In the end, Hartless got the last laugh: Hartless and Burger King eventually reached a settlement, although the exact sum was not disclosed.

Chicken Head in Wings

When fried-chicken wings were being test-marketed in Newport News, Va., in 2000, Katherine Ortega discovered that she had gotten a bonus chicken part in her box of wings: a chicken head. Luckily, since she discovered it while dividing up the order among her children’s dinner plates, the McNoggin didn’t make it into anyone anyone’s mouths that night. Inspectors insisted, though, that the head had been deep-fried and never presented any health hazard. Not very comforting—and Ortega said her youngest child had a nightmare about the chicken head.

Band-Aid in McDonald’s Fries

In 2005, Laura Coleman, a student at the University of Illinois, got more than she bargained for when she discovered a used Band-Aid in her McDonald’s fries. She was able to return the fries for a refund, a replacement order of fries, and a personal apology from the worker who had lost her bandage. Asked for comment, the manager of the restaurant said, “It’s not like we took the fries and put a Band-Aid in it—honest mistake.” Maybe that’s why Coleman described the McDonald’s as “not classy or clean.”

Gene J. Puskar

Needles in Burger King Burger

It looks like the Delta incident wasn’t the only time someone found a needle in their food. In 2010, Army Staff Sgt. Clark Bartholomew, based in Hawaii, said he found needles in Triple Stacker at a local Burger King. Bartholomew said the needles pierced his tongue, and another one was found in his intestine. He also said he was hospitalized for six days. Bartholomew sued Burger King, and made an administrative complaint against the government, since the Army and Air Force owns the franchise in the barracks.