Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts

What recession? From a $100,000 hen farm to a $90,000 personal arcade, a very merry 1 percent Christmas is on its way. Some highlights from the 86th annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

The new jobs numbers indicate a rebounding economy, albeit slowly, with unemployment the lowest it’s been since 2009. But if the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is any indication of the economy, a lucky few are doing just fine. The annual bible of Extreme Consumption boasts superfluous-but-sensational fantasy gifts such as a $100,000 hen farm, $70,000 live owl portrait, and a $250,000 private dinner for 10. Stumped as to what to get for the plutocrat in your life who already has everything? A very merry (1 percent) Christmas is only a few weeks (and a few hundred thousand dollars) away.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

“Annie: The Musical” Walk-On Role ($30,000)

“Hard-knock life” might be a stretch if you’ve got $30,000 to spend on a walk-on role in Annie: The Musical. Neiman Marcus tells you the job as a walk-on is “to help the adorably good-natured orphan and her canine companion teach the world that perseverance and hope can change lives.” After the curtain call you’ll enjoy a five-star meal with the show’s producers. Go wild, Daddy Warbucks. The sun will come out ... when you say it will.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk ($90,000)

The Arcade PS Trunk is like a miniature Dave & Busters—only wrapped in calfskin. Designed by Pinel & Pinel, it’s the “ultimate toy for the man or woman who has everything,” says Neiman Marcus. Whether belting Enrique Iglesias in a karaoke sing-off or racing through Grand Theft Auto with your RS Force Wheel, it’ll keep you occupied … well, forever. Plus it’s available in crocodile and peacock leather.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Private Dinner for 10 ($250,000)

For a measly $250,000 (plus tips, of course), you and nine friends could be sipping tequila at your home with four of the culinary world’s finest: Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Jerome Bocuse, and Richard Rosendale. They’re accompanied by Bertha González, the world’s first female maestra tequilera. It gives new meaning to the term “prix-fixe.” The night is capped with engraved crystal bottles of tequila.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Heritage Hen Mini Farm ($100,000)

Watch out Pioneer Woman—there’s a new trendy farmer in town. For $100,000 the lavish Heritage Hen Mini Farm is as much a present for you as it is for the hens. The custom-made multilevel dwelling comes with a nesting area, a “living room” for nighttime roosting, a fully stocked library, and an intricate chandelier. “You've always fancied yourself a farmer,” writes Neiman Marcus, “now … you're doing it in the fanciest way possible!” That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Jetlev R200 ($99,500)

Does the Austrian daredevil’s 24-mile miracle have you craving airtime? Introducing the Jetlev R200, a water-propelled jetpack that literally gives you wings. Neiman Marcus describes it as “one part sci-fi, three parts British secret service agent, and 100 percent pure adrenaline.” After a 30-pound harness lifts you up into the air via hydro pressure, you can float around at 32 feet for up to 80 miles. Purchasers can use it to blast off to escape the mobs with pitchforks.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

2013 NM Edition McLaren 12c Spider ($354,000)

It’s more than just a car. The Neiman Marcus Edition 2013 McLaren 12C Spider—one of just 12 made—is billed as the most technologically advanced supercar in the world. It’s the stuff car dreams are made of. With a simple touch of a button, two Volcano Red butterfly doors softly swing open. Underneath sit a 616-horse-powered V8 twin-turbo engine and lightweight diamond-cut wheels. Plus, the car comes complete with a set of McLaren luggage and business-class trip to England. Drivers wanted—limit 12.

V Schrager

“Snowy Owl” by Robert Wilson ($70,000)

A picture worth a thousand words—times 70. Against a background of “mod dots,” the owl not only hoots—it breathes, blinks, swivels, and stares. Neiman Marcus says it’s a “modern riff on the eighteenth-century tableaux vivant [that] beautifully pushes the boundaries between reality and imagination.” With a soundtrack by Carl Maria von Weber playing in the background, it will either delight guests or scare the living daylights out of them.

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer ($150,000)

Dude! Forget the keg and the bleachers. Bring on the caviar and the luxury suite. Designed by Brad Ford, the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer is sleek on the outside, party on the inside. With leather furnishings from Moore & Giles, rich wood detail handcrafted from reclaimed Bulleit Bourbon casks, and a sophisticated sound system, you’ll never want to open the hatch. Comes with a one-year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye.