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7 Top Reasons to Never Go on a Cruise

Your ship could capsize, your captain could abandon ship—but wait, there are even more good reasons to never go to sea.

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You Could Be Shipwrecked

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The world learned the hard way that big, expensive boats with cutting-edge technology are never unsinkable. Thanks to Italy’s unfortunate Costa Concordia, now we know a big, safe-looking passenger ship crawling along the coastline can still run into tragedy. Even as they continue to grow in size, modern ships are built to be extremely safe. Still, as British ship dynamics professor Philip Wilson says, “Any ship will sink if you make the hole big enough.” The bigger danger is fire, which can spread quickly on a ship and make it difficult to evacuate—the fate that befell, among many others, the Norwegian cruise ship Nordlys in 2011 and the Dutch liner Prisendam in 1980. If your captain doesn’t have an adequate evacuation plan or abandons ship, you’re screwed.

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