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Let's Find a Better Slogan for Chevy!

The new advertising motto for GM's mass market brand is reportedly going to be "Chevy runs deep." Like it? Us neither. We can do better! ...

The geniuses at General Motors have come up with a new slogan for the mass-market Chevrolet brand: "Chevy Runs Deep." That replaces a short-lived theme, "Excellence for All." But it won't appear in ads for the Chevy Volt, whose slogan is "More Car Than Electric."

Jalopnik calls it the "Worst Ad Slogan Ever." That may be a stretch. It's better than "Excellence for All"! But it is a little weird. Is this a submarine they're selling? What is there about Chevy that runs deep? Red ink? Work rules? Influence in the Obama administration? More important, as Jalopnik notes, the slogan tells you zero about the product (assuming it's nonsubmersible). "Chevy Runs Deep" appears to be yet another attempt to sell you patriotic "heritage"—in other words, to get you to buy an American car because American cars used to be really good and everybody drove them!

I know we can do better. And, as 60 percent owners of General Motors, we taxpayers have a big financial stake in doing better. Please submit your deeply resonant and persuasive slogans—slogans that highlight Chevrolet's unique selling proposition, whatver it is—in the comments section below.

Here are some trial balloons to get us started. Remember, good ideas come from bad ideas!

1. Chevy: You Already Bought It!

2. Chevy: Lean Forward

3. Chevy: The next chapter! After 11.

4. Chevy: Like A Rock. Only Cheaper.

5. Chevy: We Killed Saturn. Don't Mess With Us, OK?

6. Chevy runs deep, on the warning track, makes the catch!

7. Chevy! The '66 Malibu, now that was sweet.

8. Chevy: Still Too Big to Fail. But Getting Smaller!

9. Chevy: Not so Electric.

10. Chevy: Dive! Dive! Dive!

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