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Dude Von Dudenstein, Meet This Year's Catchy Catchphrases

So a couple of weeks ago I screened "I Love You, Man" -- thumbs up! -- and the first thing I did when I got back was stick the following in my gChat status:

"i predict that it will take 24 hrs after 'i love you man' comes out before 'totes magotes' becomes the catchphrase of '09."

I remember this so distinctly, because I was having this major geekfest of an internal debate about how to spell "magotes."

A-a-anyway, apparently DreamWorks is either reading my mind, or wanting to clear up future spelling issues for posterity.  I just flipped through a series of dude-catchphrase movie posters that the studio is hitching to the comedy's March 20th release, and guess which phrase made the cut?  They might not make total sense until the movie's been out for a few weeks, but mark my words: Paul Ruddisms will be to 2009 what Will Ferrellisms have been for the decade's previous years.

And speaking of "I Love You, Man," we put Jason Segel in front of NEWSWEEK cameras last weekend for "7 Things."  Stay tuned for that video this week!

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