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Stop Busting the "Up" Bubble, World.

The business section of the New York Times and some other boring people who look at stocks all day are collectively wringing their hands over "Up," which they say looks to be the least market-ready and useless-Happy-Meal-toy-generating Pixar film of all time. There's the issue, they say, of the septuagenarian protagonist, whose wrinkles and old-timey-ness make him completely unrelatable to the young demo.

This is what we call Pixar's success coming back to bite them.  So humanized and emotionally capable are their wildly unorthodox non-human characters -- of course a Parisian gutter rat can make vichyssoise and/or cry-- that now people think a regular grumpy old man is beyond a child's realm of comprehension.  Or, worse, interest.

When was the last time you met a kid who hated balloons?  Or grandparents?  Or movies?  About flying?

Lighten "Up," guys.

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