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A Video Worth the 7 Minutes of Your Time

An Army soldier was impaled by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) in Afghanistan last year—but the warhead never went off. The Military Times has a remarkable video interviewing the soldier, Specialist Channing Moss, the doctor who operated on him unsure if/when the RPG would explode, and the explosives expert on hand to deal with the warhead.

Moss was later treated at Walter Reed.

From the accompanying print story:

Moss was nearly dead as the Black Hawk landed at the battalion aid station at Orgun-E, about 20 miles from the site of the ambush.

Collier signaled wildly over the roar of the helicopter’s engines to alert the aid-station staff that this was no ordinary patient.

Oh recalled that it wasn’t apparent just how delicate the situation was until they began cutting away Moss’s combat uniform and unraveling all the gauze bandages.

When he saw the tail fin of the RPG round, he yelled, “everybody get out!”

“I had never even seen an RPG before, but I figured anything with a rod and fins on it had to be a rocket of some kind.”

Oh asked for volunteers to stay in the operating room and help him save Moss’s life. Several soldiers raised their hands.

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