Another Clinton Clue? The Baruch-Barack Connection

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Another Clinton Clue? The Baruch-Barack Connection


As eagle-eyed Stumper reader Steven Cooke notes, Hillary Clinton's choice of venue for tonight's celebration--Manhattan's Baruch College--is pretty intriguing. Why? "After all the fuss that has been made about Obama's name," he writes, "it seems fittingly ironic that Hillary would choose Baruch College for her celebration, Baruch being a variant of Barack both meaning 'blessed.'"

Coincidence? We think so.

But still. When a Jewish resident of Boca Raton, Fla. told Obama last month that some voters would prefer he call himself "Barry" rather than "Barack," the candidate actually brought up the Baruch-Barack connection himself. "Barack, interestingly enough, means the same as Baruch," he said. "They have the same Semitic root. So you can call me Baruch Obama." Cue laughter.

You have to wonder: was Clinton--or some clever scheduling staffer--paying attention?And then you have to tell yourself that you are insane. That said, if the former first lady bestows her blessing on Barack tonight at Baruch, you heard it here first. 


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