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Today in Shameless PR Pitches, From Our New York Chapter

Katie Paul, a member of the Gaggle Family in our New York office, was kind enough to bring this amazing PR pitch to our attention. Katie writes:

Stop the presses! This breaking news just in from an enterprising PR flack who apparently lacks any sense of shame whatsoever. The gist: a certain cigar company is promoting its products by claiming that "several inside sources" have identified its brand as the favored choice of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Seriously. Like any self-respecting journalist, I've gotten my fair share of lame, ridiculous, boring, hysterical, and annoying PR pitches completely out of the blue. But this thing explores whole new depths of low. Read. Enjoy. And, please, for the love of all that is holy, boycott.

The email sent to Katie Paul reads:

Hey Katie!
Just wanted to make sure you had this on your radar-what about doing a segment featuring the exact line of cigars Bill Clinton used with Monica Lewinsky in light of the HBO movie that is set to go into production titled "Special Relationship" about Bill's special "friendships" starring Dennis Quaid?
The Gurkha Cigars spokesperson is available to speak about Gurkha's role in the presidential story and we can have you all shoot footage of the exact line of cigars that was used to make-um presidential history?  Can we make this work? 

Um, no thanks. We really don't need any more details in our mental image of the cigar incident. TMI already.

Read the press release after the jump.
MYSTERY SOLVED: Several inside sources have finally confirmed that Gurkha Cigars was indeed the cigar that was used between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.
QUOTE: "Gurkha Cigars was pleased to learn that during Clinton's administration, President Clinton was a huge fan of the Gurkha Grand Reserve Cigar as it is among many in the Washington circuit. In light of the recent announcement about the HBO movie "Special Relationship" featuring Clinton's personal relationships, Gurkha Cigars is happy to announce that they too are part of oval office history." -Roy MacLaren, Vice President Sales and Marketing
In light of the HBO movie that is going into production with Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore titled "Special Relationship" featuring the love (or lack thereof) trio between Bill, Hill and Mon, the mystery of the century has finally been solved!
Among all of the scandal, blue dresses and SNL skits mocking Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and all the main players...one character seemed to be on the tip of everyone's tongue...the token oval office cigar. For years people have speculated about what cigar Bill and Monica "smoked" that fateful day and it has finally been released.
Bill Clinton would not smoke anything short of the best-of-the-best thus why he kept several Gurkha Cigars, producers of the most expensive cigars in the world, around his office for special occasions. Several inside sources have finally confirmed that Gurkha Cigars was indeed the cigar that was used between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. It was in fact the Grand Reserve Gurkha Cigar, which has been reported to be one of Bill Clinton's favorite stogies!

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