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The Newsweek Daily Beast Digital Power Index

In two short decades, the Internet has changed almost everything about the way we live: The way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we read, the way we love, the way we fight, the way we play. So, too, the people shaping and changing the world are a breed apart from the old ruling class. Moguls, Masters of the Universe, military despots…your time has come and gone. The geeks have inherited the earth!

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The Top 100 Lists

To honor these digerati, we took a cue from that Tinseltown institution–the Oscars–and let peers nominate and vote for their fellows for outstanding performances in their individual digital fields. We call it The Newsweek Daily Beast Digital Power Index, our first-ever collection of the 100 most significant players in 10 fields across the rapidly-expanding digital universe. And taking another cue from the Academy, we’ve also named our own Life Achievement Award winners.


To compile the Digital Power Index, Newsweek/The Daily Beast convened ten panels of experts to nominate their peers based on their influence during the last year. Nominees were then scored by the panelists using three measures for influence: reach, impact and innovation. We also partnered with social-data firm Spot Influence to evaluate the winners’ influence on social-media platforms. Ninety percent of the final ranking was determined by each nominee’s expert-peer score, and 10 percent by his/her Spot Influence score.


Who’s Following Whom?

Twitter isn’t the only measure of online connectedness—but it’s a useful way to look at who’s paying attention to whom.


Look Out!

The Internet As Destroyer

Despite the Internet’s power, a government can still shut it down. But  rulers quickly discover that doing so harms  their own interests.


Power Arrangers

The Geeks Inherit The Earth!

They’ve made billions and toppled regimes. Now they want to rewire your world.


Worlds Collide

A Digital Citizenship Revolution

We don’t get a free pass on bad behavior just because it’s online, says novelist Nick Harkaway. We’ve had the Internet long enough to start taking our life on it seriously.



Invisible Woman

Who’s missing from this list? All the digital ladies! It’s time to look where we’re not looking.

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How We Made the List

Watch as editor Lauren Streib explains the methodology behind our Digital Power Index.