NFL Settled Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid Claims for Less Than $10 Million: WSJ

The NFL has settled the grievances brought by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid for less than $10 million, paying out a fraction of what the players would have been owed had they prevailed, The Wall Street Journal reports Thursday. Kaepernick and Reid, who catalyzed nationwide protests when they kneeled during the national anthem, filed grievances against the league’s teams in 2017 for allegedly conspiring to blackball them from the NFL in retaliation. Kaepernick has still not been signed by a team in the last two seasons; Reid joined the Carolina Panthers in 2018. The settlement, which was announced last month, has been hailed as a win for Kaepernick and Reid, although the Journal notes that Kaepernick could have netted an estimated $90 million if he’d won the grievance. It’s not yet clear how the money will be divided between the two players.