Nick Stahl Mystery

Nick Stahl, Dave Chappelle & More Stars Who Have Gone Missing (PHOTOS)

From Nick Stahl’s latest disappearance to Dave Chappelle’s escape to South Africa, celebs who vanished.

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Nick Stahl has vanished again after checking himself out of a rehab facility. From Gavin Smith’s mysterious disappearance to Dave Chappelle’s escape to South Africa, more celebrities who couldn’t be found.

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Nick Stahl

Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl has vanished again, under circumstances similar to those that surrounded his previous disappearance last month. Stahl left rehab—against medical advice—and was last seen at a friend’s house a week ago. He also reportedly was seen around that time in downtown Los Angeles’s drug-ravaged skid row.

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Andrew Koenig

Joshua Andrew Koenig, son of actor Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov on Star Trek, was best known for his role as Richard “Boner” Stabone on the popular sitcom Growing Pains. Koenig was also known for his humanitarian work and was arrested at the 2008 Rose Parade for blocking a Chinese float promoting the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Koenig was reported missing on Feb. 16 2010, when he missed a flight from Canada back to the United States. Devastating news soon followed, when he was found nine days later hanging from a tree in a secluded part of Vancouver Park. He was known to have been battling depression.

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Scout Taylor-Compton

Scout Taylor-Compton, one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming scream queens, is best known for her work in the horror films Wicked Little Things (2006), Halloween (2007), Halloween 2 (2009) and 247 Degrees (2011). In the wee hours of the morning on Aug. 12, 2005, Compton vanished from her family home in Apple Valley, Calif., following a turbulent family altercation. She was found two weeks later, when a student from Granite Hills High School told a school employee that an actress he had found living on a playground was residing in his house. The school employee informed the authorities, and Compton, only 16 at the time, was returned unharmed to her frightened parents.

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Dave Chappelle

“I’m Rick James, bitch!” Those four words, uttered by Dave Chappelle while embodying the R&B artist on The Dave Chappelle Show, epitomized the comedian’s explosive comedic career. Noted for parodying American politics and culture, particularly stereotypes of African-Americans, Chappelle disappeared during the preseason of Season 3 of his hit show, leaving fans, producers, and even his family worried and confused. Shortly thereafter, Chappelle surfaced in South Africa amid rumors that he was battling either psychiatric or drug problems. He denied the speculation and finally released a statement claiming that he just wanted to get away from the stress of Hollywood for a while.

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Orlando Brown

Child actor Orlando Brown, who starred on the Disney sitcom That’s So Raven and had a supporting role in Major Payne, gave family and friends a scare when he disappeared on the morning of April 23, 2008. Thankfully, Brown was simply overwhelmed with a project and said he needed some time alone. He resurfaced roughly 24 hours later and issued an apology. Brown was arrested for a DUI in August 2011 but is attempting to revive his acting career; he is set to star in the upcoming films Christmas in Compton (2012) and The Maul (2013).

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Gavin Smith

Like actor Nick Stahl, who recently disappeared, 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith has been missing for weeks. But unlike Stahl, who police believe disappeared in downtown L.A. on a drug bender, Smith may be the victim of foul play. Authorities served a warrant and searched a home in Canoga Park on June 11, apparently leaving the house with numerous possessions, including an Audi SUV. Smith was last seen driving a black Mercedes E420 near his residence in Oak Park, Calif. His family is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to his return.

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Richey Edwards

The lone musician and foreigner in our missing celeb gallery, Richey Edwards was a popular Welsh musician in the alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers. Hours before he was to board a plane to the United States with lead guitarist James Dean Bradfield on Feb. 1, 1995, Edwards mysteriously disappeared. The gifted lyricist was known to be mentally unstable and was famous for carving “4 Real” into his arm with a razor blade. On Feb. 14, Edwards’s car was discovered abandoned near Severn Bridge in South Gloucestershire, England. Whether he finally chose to end his life by jumping from the bridge or simply disappeared and became a recluse will probably never be known. Edwards was officially declared dead on Nov. 23, 2008.

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Joe Pichler

Former child actor Joe Pichler, known for his television roles, also starred in Varsity Blues (1999), playing James Van Der Beek’s inspirational younger brother. Pichler disappeared on Jan. 5, 2006, after leaving a friend’s house in his hometown of Bremerton, Wash. His abandoned car was discovered nearby four days later, and he was officially reported missing on Jan. 16. There have been no leads or suspects in the case, and his family still hopes that one day he will resurface, alive and well.