Shirts vs. Skins

Nipple Slips, Spandex Shocks & More Olympic Wardrobe Mishaps (PHOTOS)

It’s only the whole planet watching. See athletes in their not-so-golden moments. By Nina Strochlic.

Clockwise from top left: Darren Staples, Reuters / Landov; Youtube; Thomas Lohnes, dapd / AP Photo

Clockwise from top left: Darren Staples, Reuters / Landov; Youtube; Thomas Lohnes, dapd / AP Photo

These Summer Games have been the perfect stage for embarrassing moments. A look at seven athletes who unwittingly (or in one case, willingly) exposed a little too much.

Darren Staples, Reuters / Landov

Urantsetseg Munkhbat

Let it be known that nip slips aren’t just for water polo players. Urantsetseg Munkhbat can attest to that after she had the honor of having the first 2012 Olympics nipple slip. During the bronze-medal quarterfinal of the women’s 48kg judo competition, the Mongolian was caught in the grip of opponent Paula Pareto of Argentina. Unfortunately, Pareto was latched onto Munkhbat’s sports bra, and as the two struggled, her bare chest was exposed to the audiences watching live and at home.

Spanish Water Polo Player

In a big oops moment for NBC, a PG-13 shot of a Spanish water polo player’s exposed breast was aired live to millions of Olympic viewers. During the USA vs. Spain match, American player Kami Craig grabbed and pulled down her Spanish competitor’s swimsuit. “A lot of suit-grabbing going on underwater,” one of the presumably red-faced announcers muttered.

Harry How / Getty Images

Henrik Rummel

Winning a medal is the happiest moment in the life of many an Olympian. And it seemed to be especially so for U.S. rower Henrik Rummel, who took home the bronze in the men’s coxless four competition. When a picture of something suspicious under his tight spandex shorts went viral, Rummel immediately took to the Web to dispel rumors. “I swear it’s not erect!” he posted on Reddit. Despite his new “Boner Rower” nickname, this Olympian is getting a kick out of his fame. “The Internet is a mysterious place, and I would’ve never thought I’d become more famous for wearing Spandex than for winning an Olympic medal!” he told Gawker. “Those Spandex are pretty tight-fitting and whatever position it happens to be captured in, it’s staying that way.”


Olympic Streaker

Every major event calls for a streaking spectacle, and the 2012 Olympics is no exception. With millions around the globe watching the torch relay across 8,000 miles, a 27-year-old ran naked past crowds gathered to see its latest handoff to former Olympian Steve Redgrave. His only coverup: the words “Free Tibet” painted on his back. Police wasted no time in arresting the man on suspicion of outraging public decency.

Tom Daley

Olympic athletes seem to defy gravity on a daily basis, but sometimes certain forces get the best of them. British diver Tom Daley was the unfortunate victim of the classic water vs. Speedo struggle. Though teen girls everywhere celebrated the exposing shot of one of the country’s beloved athletes.

Water Polo Wedgie

Swimmers and water polo players know that their suits don’t always provide the level of modesty some might like, especially when projected onto millions of TV screens. This unnamed water polo player had her swimsuit a little too wedged in.

Thomas Lohnes, dapd / AP Photo

German “Hulk”

Usain Bolt’s victory lap after his 100-meters victory was pretty impressive, but Robert Harting took excitement to the next level. When the 6’7” German discus thrower won gold, he ripped his uniform off, grabbed his flag, and began a lap around the track, easily leaping over the hurdles that had been set up for the women’s 100-meter final. His revealing celebration was only the start—later that night, he partied aboard a German cruise liner, drank a bit too much, fell asleep on the train back, was robbed, and refused entry to the Olympic Village because he was missing his credentials.