NYC Marathon: Christy Turlington & More Celebrity Runners (PHOTOS)

Christy Turlington is running in Sunday’s New York City Marathon. See stars who’ve conquered the 26.2 miles.

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Christy Turlington


New York City Marathon 2011

California native Christy Turlington was discovered in her teens and went on to have an incredible modeling career. But the former face of Calvin Klein has since stepped away from the runway and has focused her attention on her family (she has two children with actor Ed Burns), humanitarian efforts, and very recently, running. The supermodel has been tweeting about her progress training for her first ever 26.2 mile race, the 2011 New York City Marathon. Turlington is running to raise money for her organization Every Mother Counts, which she founded in support of maternal health after suffering from a postpartum hemorrhage in the wake of having her first child. Turlington has recruited some Twitter followers to also run for Every Mother Counts and has been tweeting tips for fellow marathoners. “Simply put, we want to run so others don't have to," Turlington said in a press release. "So often, distance is the biggest barrier to a woman and her family getting the care they need. We hope to not only increase awareness for the cause but to also make that vital connection for people."

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Apolo Ohno


New York City Marathon 2011

Considering the fact that short-track speed skater Apolo Ohno is the most decorated American Winter Olympian—with a whopping eight medals—it’s not terribly surprising to see him running the New York City Marathon. After gaining recognition through skating, Ohno competed on and won Dancing With the Stars, proving there’s little he can’t do on his feet. So when Subway’s “biggest loser” Jared Fogle, who ran the marathon last year, challenged him to step up to the challenge, of course, Ohno did not back down. “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I still don’t know how long 26.2 miles is,” he told Competitor magazine. “But I‘ve always wanted to run a marathon and the training for it has given me the ability to take on a sport I’ve never done before.” He’s hoping to finish in three hours and 30 minutes and will be raising money for the Special Olympics with the help of Subway. “If I finish under four hours, Subway will give Special Olympics $26,200. No pressure,” Ohno told Big Lead Sports.

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New York City Marathon 2011

Grammy award-winning artist Mýa, best known for her 2000 hit “Case of the Ex,” will also be among the approximately 45,000 people running the New York City Marathon.  The singer, who also competed on Dancing With the Stars (and came in second) and has five pets, is running with 50 other animal lovers on behalf of the North Shore Animal League America. “I’ll do anything that I can to help North Shore’s efforts in saving thousands of lives that would otherwise be euthanized because of lack of shelter space,” Mýa told People magazine. “I've never done anything close to 20 miles… I'm not quite a runner. I think I'll be fine if I'm allowed to walk, which I am. I don't have a [goal] time for this particular race – it's just to get through it. I [may] make it in 12 hours!” As of Oct. 27, she’d raised more than $100,000 for the charity, which has a $200,000 goal.

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David Lee Roth


New York City Marathon 1987

Van Halen rock legend David Lee Roth put those high kicks from his glory days to good use when he ran his first 26.2-mile race in 1987. But Roth has since seemingly retired his running shoes. “I used to jog,” he once said, “but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.” Perhaps that explains his inferior finishing time among his fellow celebrities.

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Katie Holmes



New York City Marathon 2007


Considering there was so much speculation about the legitimacy of Katie Holmes’s marriage to Tom Cruise, it was no surprise rumors began floating around the blogosphere that she didn’t really run the New York City Marathon in 2007. But the rumors were later dispelled when the former Dawson's Creek star was seen posing for a photo at the finish line (seemingly braless) alongside her trainer Wes Okerson.

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Al Gore



Marine Corps Marathon 1997


A Vietnam veteran himself, former Vice President Al Gore ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1997 during his time in office in D.C. The race, which takes place each year in Arlington, Va, and includes dirt road terrain, is one of the largest-participation marathons in the country. Though the husky environmentalist may not have seemed like a runner, Gore reportedly jogged five or six times each week and decided to up his game when his daughters dared him to run the marathon. Clearly, he does not back down.


Shia LaBeouf


Los Angeles Marathon 2010

Though the Transformers star had been seen around Hollywood working out before, Shia LaBeouf decided to run in the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for a nonprofit organization benefiting United States veterans. LaBeouf's father fought in Vietnam and his grandfather was a trained Green Beret, so lacing up his running shoes (and sliding into some spandex) for the sake of the veterans seemed like a fitting choice.

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Marine Corps Marathon 1994


In true Oprah Winfrey fashion, the queen of daytime publicly announced her goal to complete a marathon before she turned 40. While many expected Winfrey to run the Chicago Marathon, seeing as it’s her home base, instead she opted for the Marine Corps Marathon like Al Gore. Though Winfrey’s been credited for starting a new wave of marathon runners, she’s lost her running mojo. Since the 1994 race, Winfrey’s continued to battle with her weight and other health issues that have prevented her from staying on track. “Your movements are slower. Your responses are slower. There's a dullness about you... you're not there,” her trainer Bob Greene told her frankly in 2009.

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Alanis Morissette



Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon 2009


Singer Alanis Morissette struggled during her anger-filled Jagged Little Pill days. But last year, she ran the Bizz Johnson Trail marathon in Northern California and has since devoted her time to the simple pleasures of life: yoga, good friends, and a little medical marijuana, she told Runner's World magazine. She’s come a long way from her 1990s rage, but she still wants to let her long hair down and have fun. “It's this amazing miracle of a feat, but I don't want to go too extreme in terms of the lifestyle,” she explained.

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Sean “P. Diddy” Combs


New York City Marathon 2003

P. Diddy was puffing hard when he finished the New York City Marathon in 2003, just eight weeks after deciding to run the 26.2-mile race. The rapper managed to raise a ton of money, too, given the short notice: $2 million for New York public schools and children suffering from HIV and AIDS. His backers included Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, and Michael Bloomberg. "I definitely wanted to stop," he told CBS News. "This is definitely a life-changing experience for me because I did not stop."

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Gordon Ramsay


London Marathon 2009

The television chef famous for cursing a blue streak on his show set out to run one, training five days a week and completing eight half-marathons before the big London Marathon in 2009. And true to his winning attitude, Gordon Ramsay succeeded. Unfortunately, he did far worse the following year and did not complete the race. Chef Ramsay later tweeted: “damn, had to stop at 15 miles, just felt my calf muscle go. massive well done to everyone who got round.” We wonder how many Londoners could hear his screams.

Sarah Palin



Humpy's Marathon 2005


Sarah Palin grew up in a family of marathoners, but she says her interests inclined more toward basketball. Still, the former Alaska governor says she's compelled to do it. “I have to run,” she told Runner’s World magazine, adding, “Sweat is my sanity.” In 2005, the leader of the Mama Grizzlies finished the Humpy’s Marathon in Anchorage in less than four hours.

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Will Ferrell


Boston Marathon 2003

Despite all the hard-partying he did in Old School, Will Ferrell was actually training hard at the time, waking up at 5 a.m. to run before 7 a.m. calls and running at midnight if filming went late, he told USA Today. And the funnyman’s hard work paid off. Ferrell finished four minutes below his goal of four hours in the Boston Marathon in 2003, and handily beat the runner who annually dresses as Elvis, which was his other goal. "Running a marathon is not a question of whether it will be painful, but when it will be painful," he explained of his experience. "It does help to have a sense of humor, but I'm also respectful of the race."

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Ryan Reynolds


New York City Marathon 2008

This should come as no surprise given his buff body. The Proposal star Ryan Reynolds—and fellow runner Alanis Morissette’s former fiancé—was sucking wind during the last leg of the New York City Marathon in 2008, but picked up the pace when he came across a certain time-traveling spectator. “When I saw Michael J. Fox on Fifth Avenue, I gained about 15 pounds in goosebumps,” Reynolds told People magazine of his experience. “It kind of pushed me through the last six miles or so.” Reynolds’ father, Jim Reynolds, suffers from Parkinson’s disease, so he ran the marathon for Team Fox in his honor. “[During the race] I thought a lot about my father and Michael and the 500,000 other people afflicted with this awful disease in the United States alone,” said Reynolds. “I ran for those who can't.”

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Edward Norton


New York City Marathon 2009

Back in 2005, Sarah Palin ran Alaska’s Humpy's Marathon in just under four hours, and actor Edward Norton, a Democrat and fervent Obama supporter, vowed to beat that mark. “I'm gonna beat Sarah Palin like a rug!” Norton joked in an interview with MTV. “Palin I would like to beat just on principle.” Norton was running to benefit the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, an organization which promotes conservation, education and health services among the Maasai tribe, as well as other communities in southern Kenya. Norton trained with three Maasai warriors, and ended up raising more than $1.2 million for his cause.

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George Bush


Houston Marathon 1993

Edward Norton may have bested Sarah Palin, but he didn’t beat Dubya. As the story goes, back when Bush Sr. lost his reelection to Bill Clinton in 1992, Bush Jr. took the news pretty hard, and turned to running as a form of therapy. Bush ended up running the Houston Marathon just months later, and averaged a little over 8:30 a mile—a very respectable time. The 43rd president has been running regularly ever since, and his newfound love of the sport is believed to have helped him kick his drinking and smoking habits.

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Billy Baldwin


New York City Marathon 1992

We probably won’t see his older brother Alec running the marathon any time soon, but all the training younger brother Billy Baldwin did chasing fires in Backdraft seems to have come in handy. The actor, last spotted on Gossip Girl, ran the New York City Marathon in 1992 in a blazing fast time below three and a half hours. Perhaps his vegetarian diet was responsible for the fast time, although we know that when a Baldwin commits to something, they’re in it all the way.

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Dana Carvey


Ocean to Bay Marathon 1972

Party on, Garth! High-school cross-country star Dana Carvey said that his running career took off when his brother would chase him and threaten him with various blunt objects. “I ran, so help me God, I ran,” he explained to Spikes Magazine. Although the Wayne’s World actor’s rumored time seems to be the only evidence that this marathon actually existed, it’s widely believed that Carvey is the one to beat among celebrity marathon runners. Of course, this all occurred when he was just 22, well before he joined Saturday Night Live or became addicted to red rope licorice. But, Carvey told Spikes, running still holds a special place in his routine. “After a big laugh, I do wind sprints to celebrate,” he joked.