Touchy Campaign Moments

Obama’s Bear Hug, Romney and the Olympian: Touchy Presidential Campaign Moments (PHOTOS)

See photos of voters and pols getting touchy-feely on the presidential campaign trail, from Obama’s bear hug to Biden’s biker-chick photo op to Ryan gripped by an elderly woman.

With tales of the president being bear-hugged by a hulking pizzeria owner who happened to support a  different party, one might say Obama/Biden had some, uh, touchy interactions along the campaign trail on Sunday. And Romney/Ryan has had its fair share as well. The Daily Beast offers the most physical moments from the road.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

Obama and the Lifter

President Obama got an exceptionally warm welcome when he stopped at Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant along the Florida campaign trail on Sunday. “Everybody look at these guns,” said Obama, pointing at 6-foot-3 owner Scott Van Duzer. “If I eat your pizza, will I look like that?” Quick to take a compliment, Van Duzer grabbed the president for a bear hug and lifted him up off the ground. “Man, are you a powerlifter or what?” Obama said once he was put down. Luckily, the restaurant owner, who is a Republican, who was getting a visit because of his blood-donation campaign, had already asked permission from the Secret Service who said it was fine by them as long as he "didn't take [Obama] away."

Carolyn Kaster / AP Photo

Joe Biden and the Biker

Joe Biden might have some explaining to do to the missus after being photographed with a tough biker chick nearly sitting in his lap during a diner stop in Seaman, Ohio. The vice president walked in and jokingly asked if he could borrow a bike from the group, known as "Shaddowmen." He took pictures with the group and the woman pulled up a chair, though it looks like she's closer.

Lee Jin-man / AP Photo

Romney and the Olympian

Who do you think leaned in for this one? Mitt Romney smiles for a photo op-turned-handshake-turned hug with U.S. swimmer Breeja Larson. Cute as this was, no amount of Olympic photo ops could distract from Romney's disparaging remarks about London's readiness.

Charles Krupa / AP Photo

Michelle and the U.S. Basketball Team

The London 2012 Games certainly was the place to hug and be hugged this summer. After the U.S. men's basketball team beat France, shook hands with their opponents and veered to the front row for a hug with Michelle Obama. The first lady gave "hug line" a whole new meaning when she leaned over the railing and embraced each and every player, coach, and assistant on the team.

Mary Altaffer / AP Photo

Ryan and the Elderly Woman

Is that terror or unbridled enthusiasm on the face of a North Carolinian supporter? Either way, Paul Ryan certainly evoked a strong emotional reaction in this woman, who's gripping him like she never wants to let go.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Obama and a Sobbing Woman

Heath care is a tough subject for politicians on and off the podium. A week after President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, he met Stephanie Miller, whose sister was denied by Medicaid and died of colon cancer four years earlier. A crying Miller recounted the story to the president, who gave her a big hug and told her he "would keep on fighting for us—and that our fight is not over."

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Barack and Joe

In the excitement of accepting his presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention did Obama confuse Joe for his wife? Looks the the president is going in for a smooch while Michelle looks on jealously.