One Direction, Neil Patrick Harris & More Stars’ Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Justin Bieber meets Psy, Anna Kendrick joins Instagram, and more of the best shots stars tweeted this week.

Tavi Gevinson sneaks a ‘selfie,’ 50 Cent gives back for Thanksgiving, and a bloody mystery for How I Met Your Mother. Plus, more of the best shots celebrities tweeted this week.

Tavi Gevinson sneaks a ‘selfie,’ 50 Cent gives back for Thanksgiving, and a bloody mystery for How I Met Your Mother. Plus, more of the best shots celebrities tweeted this week.


Had Justin Bieber and Psy somehow never met before? The two are label mates on Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Records, but it looks like this Twitter pic, taken at the AMAs last Sunday, was at least the first time Bieber showed off his “Gangnam Style” dance for the master. “I checked @justinbieber out and just found out that he’s perfect with my dance move!! lol,” Psy wrote.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was on fire this week with the release of her newest album, Girl on Fire. She stopped by Katie to talk about the album and snapped this picture backstage. “On the katieshow today!” she wrote.  

Neil Patrick Harris

One can never quite predict what’ll happen next on How I Met Your Mother, but it looks like one upcoming episode will be even more bizarre than usual. Neil Patrick Harris, who plays lovable womanizer Barney on the show, shared this picture of his blood-drenched alter ego and wrote, “It’s been a long, long day at How I Met Your Mother. Like, crazy. I’ll explain more later,” Harris wrote.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Just before her performance at the AMAs last Sunday, Carly Rae Jepsen and her band took part in a little pre-show ritual. “Secret handshake … here we go!! #AMAs,” Jepsen wrote, despite the fact that no one’s hands are touching in the photo.

Justin Bieber

What’s got no caption, 299,000 “likes,” and elicits about 500 marriage proposals? A Justin Bieber self-portrait!

Sarah Hyland

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland achieved the ultimate dream of every 12-year-old of the ‘90s when she met and mingled with Lance Bass (and his boyfriend Michael Turchin) at the AMAs, as well as YouTube star Buck Hollywood.

50 Cent

Who knew 50 Cent was such a softie? The rapper helped serve 1,000 Thanksgiving meals to Sandy victims with the Food Bank for New York City and retweeted this photo of himself with a fellow volunteer.


Only Pink could make body paint look tough. The singer tweeted this picture from backstage before her incredible, acrobatic performance at the AMAs on Sunday. “Some more backstage pics tomorrow … For now … We have naked dance part Gangnam Style,” she wrote.

Tavi Gevinson

So this is what a 15-year-old fashion editor does in class. Tavi Gevinson, editor in chief of Rookie magazine, sneak-tweeted this photo of herself during school hours and wrote, “Little did her classmates know, she had been taking selfies the whole time.”

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung meets Einstein? Alas, the grave in this photo doesn’t belong to Einstein—which perhaps explains the British Vogue contributing editor’s dour face expression.

One Direction

50 Cent wasn’t the only one giving back this week—the boys of One Direction put their do-gooding with BBC Children in Need on hold for a second to snap this picture and ask for donations.

Anna Kendrick

It was only a matter of time. Anna Kendrick became the latest celebrity to get an Instagram account on Tuesday and snapped this picture of herself and her new handle, writing, “Okay so, this is happening now. And I’m REALLY SERIOUS …”