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Ishara S. Kodikara, AFP / Getty Images

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Dec. 31, 2011
Bodhgaya, India

Buddhist monks and other devotees wait to welcome the Dalai Lama upon his arrival for the upcoming Kalachakra Buddhist festival in the town of Bodhgaya, believed to be the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. 


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Narendra Shrestha, EPA / Landov

Room with a View

Dec. 30, 2011
Dhampus, Nepal

A woman from the indigenous Gurung community combs her hair on her balcony as she prepares to attend a traditional New Year ceremony.  Mt. Machapuchre is seen in the background.

Mohammad Ismail, Reuters / Landov

Up in the Air

Dec. 29, 2011
Kabul, Afghanistan

Children watch as a man holds balloons for sale on the street. 

AFP / Getty Images

Seeing Red

Dec. 28, 2011
Taizhou, China

Workers carry red lanterns out from a workshop as they prepare for the lunar new year celebration.

Muhammed Muheisen / AP Photo

In Memoriam

Dec. 27, 2011
Islamabad, Pakistan

Supporters of Pakistan's slain leader Benazir Bhutto observe the fourth anniversary of her death.

Sang Tan / AP Photo

Out of Service

Dec. 26,2011
London, England

Underground trains are parked during a 24-hour strike by train drivers over public holiday pay.

Jaipal Singh / EPA / Landov

Santa's Little Helper

Dec. 25, 2011
Jammu, India

Devotees gather to offer Christmas prayers at a church.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Tally Ho!

Dec. 24, 2011
West Littleton, England

Members of the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt ride out on their Christmas Eve meet.  Many hunts across the country will be gearing up for their Boxing Day meets, which traditionally are the highest attended of the hunting calendar.

Marko Drobnjakovic / AP Photo

Musical Tribute

Dec. 23, 2011
Prague, Czech Republic

A violinist performs on the streets of Prague during the state funeral of former Czech President Vaclav Havel.

Kevin Frayer / AP Photo

Out in the Cold

Dec. 22, 2011
New Delhi, India

An evicted squatter stands on the street near his belongings as they were burned by the police. 

Dmitry Lovetsky / AP Photo

Fire in the Sky

Dec. 21, 2011
Baikonur, Kazakhstan

People watch the launch of the Soyuz TMA-03M space ship carrying a new crew to the International Space Station. 

Win McNamee / AP Photo

High Holidays

Dec. 20, 2011
Washington D.C.

The National Menorah was lit for the first night of Hanukkah on the National Mall.

Aaron Favila / AP Photo

Coffin Shortage

Dec. 20, 2011
Manila, Philippines

Navy personnel carried an empty coffin that will be transported to flood-stricken cities, along with other relief goods like drinking water and clothes.   Nearly a thousand people died in massive flash floods when a tropical storm hit the country last week.

Bethany Clarke / Getty Images

Tons of Turkeys

Dec. 19, 2011
York, England

A man prepares for the Christmas Poultry Auction in England. 


Dearly Departed

Dec. 19, 2011
Pyongyang, North Korea

Hundreds of North Koreans gather to mourn the death of their leader Kim Jong-il.

Navesh Chitrakar / Landov

Flame War

Dec. 18, 2011
Kathmandu, Nepal

Activists participate in a torch rally organized by the Nepal Tarun Dal (TD), the youth wing of Nepali Congress Party, as part of a demonstration against the Nepali government and police.

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters-Landov

Last Flight Out

Dec. 17, 2011
Ali Air Base, Iraq

Air Force airmen go to board the last Air Force flight out of Ali Air Base near Nasiriyah, Iraq.

Punit Paranjpe, AFP / Getty Images

Little Lady

Dec. 16, 2011
Nagpur, India

The Guinness World Records named Jyoti Amge, 18, world's shortest woman measuring 62.8 centimeters (24.7 inches).

Cabalar / EPA / Landov

Big Waves

Dec. 15 2011

Galicia, Spain

Waves over 26 ft hit the coast of northwestern Spain.

Alexey Druzhinin, AFP / Getty Images

The Putin Show

Dec. 15, 2011
Moscow, Russia

Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrives for his annual question-and-answer television program.  Putin said the results of Russia's parliamentary elections reflected popular opinion but he was pleased by the sight of mass protests of mainly young people.

Kim Ludbook / EPA-Landov

Fertility Caves

Dec. 14, 2011
Clarens, South Africa

Members of the United Apostolic Church pray and visit Sangomas, or 'witch doctors', at the divine Fertility Caves deep in the Maloti Mountains near Clarens, South Africa.

Reuters / Landov

Leaps and Bounds

Dec. 14, 2011
Kiev, Ukraine

A lawyer for former P.M. Yulia Tymoshenko vaults over a blocked fence to attend an appeal hearing.

Tim Ireland, Press Association / Landov

Stormy Weather

Dec. 13, 2011
Lyme Regis, England

Waves break over the seawall behind houses as stormy conditions continue across the United Kingdom.


Occupy Long Beach

Dec. 12, 2011
Long Beach, California

A protester faces riot police during an attempt to shut down West Coast ports.

Niranjan Shrestha / AP Photo

Fighting the Cold

Dec. 12, 2011
Kathmandu, Nepal

A group sits around a fire to warm themselves in the cold.

Anjum Naveed / AP Photo

At the Market

Dec. 11, 2011
Islamabad, Pakistan

A Pakistani child waits for customers at his father's fruit stall.

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters-Landov

Night Falls in Baghdad

Dec. 10, 2011
Baghdad, Iraq

Street scene near Kahramana Square in Baghdad.

Mark Dadswell / Getty Images

Ready, Set, Go

Dec. 10, 2011
Perth, Australia

Competitors head out to sea at the start of the Finn Gold Fleet race during day eight of the ISAF Sailing World Championships.

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Reuters / Landov

Among the Ruins

Dec. 9, 2011
Gaza City, Palestine

A Palestinian girl holds her brother as she looks at a house damaged during an Israeli air strike. Violence across the Israeli-Gaza border escalated with Israeli air strikes killing at least three people and Palestinian militants firing rockets deep into southern Israel.

Dmitry Lovetsky / AP Photos

Protesting Putin

Dec. 8, 2011

St. Petersburg, Russia

Russians take to the street to protest the recent parliamentary elections.

Feng Li / Getty Images

Water World

Beijing, China
Dec. 8, 2011  

The Russian team trains before the 6th annual FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy competition.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Out of Iraq

Dec. 7, 2011
Nasiriyah, Iraq

U.S. Army soldiers from the 2-82 Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, prepare their final convoy to Kuwait.

Sergey Ponomarev

Use the Force

Dec. 6, 2011

Moscow, Russia

A member of the pro-Kremlin youth movement Stal wears a Darth Vader mask participates in a rally in downtown Moscow.

Abedin Taherkenareh, EPA / Landov


Dec. 6, 2011
Tehran, Iran

Shiite Muslims beat themselves and participate in the mourning ritual of Ashura at the Karbala mosque to commemorate the killing of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed in the 7th century. 

Lionel Bonaventure, AFP / Getty Images

Riding with Sarkozy

Nov. 5 , 2011
Paris, France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy rides on a suburban train after a visit to the New Technology and Industry Centre

Vivek Prakash / Reuters / Landov

On the Line

Dec. 5, 2011
Masur, India

Sonu, a 10-year-old tightrope walker, balances herself on a rope with her feet inside an aluminium tin during a performance in the village of Masur. Sonu travels from village to village with her mother and father, setting up the tightrope to perform for money on the main street. She makes an average of 200 Indian Rupees per day ($3.90), and as much as 400 Indian Rupees ($7.80) on a good day.

Paul Ellis, AFP / Getty Images

Ho Ho Ho!

Dec. 4, 2011
Liverpool, England

Competitors take part in the annual 5K Santa Dash.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Heading Home

Dec. 3, 2011

Nasiriyah, Iraq

A conference room remains empty at Camp Adder as the Army sends its soldiers home and the base is prepared to be handed back to the Iraqi government.

Saul Loeb, AFP / Getty Images

Come Together

Dec. 2, 2011
Yangon, Burma

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, left, and pro-democracy opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi embrace after speaking to the press.

David Gray / Reuters

A Growing Killer

Dec 1, 2011

Beijing, China

A patient in the HIV/AIDS ward of Beijing YouAn Hospital.

Muhammed Muheisen / AP Photo

Dec. 1, 2011
Islamabad, Pakistan

Children watch as Khisrulrahman Ameen, center, cleans the windshield of his rickshaw in a slum on the outskirts of town.

Jose Luis Magana / AP Photos

Coming Home

Nov. 30, 2011
Dover, Delaware

The remains of Marine Cpl. Adam J. Buyes return from conflict in Afghanistan.

Tao Ming, Xinhua / Zuma Press

Enjoy the View

Nov. 30, 2011
Xi'an, China

Visitors hike down snow-covered Mt. Huashan in China's Shaanxi province.

Manan Vatsyayana, AFP / Getty Images

Flipped View

Nov. 29, 2011
New Delhi

A pedestrian walks past the newly constructed upside down architectural clubhouse 'Caracella Club.'

Andre Pain, EPA / Landov

Election Day

Nov. 29, 2011
Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian women cast their votes on the second day of parliamentary elections.

Baz Ratner / Reuters

Kissing for Peace

Nov. 28, 2011

Tel Aviv, Israel

A Benetton billboard advertisement in Tel Aviv shows Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu kissing Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas.


Up Against the Wall

Nov. 28, 2011
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Riot police scuffle with residents protesting their impending eviction. Thousands of families are facing relocation to make way for a Chinese development project.

Time to Vote

Nov. 27, 2011

Tskhinvali, South Ossetia

South Ossetia held a runoff vote on Sunday in its first presidential election since the 2008 Russia-Georgia war.


Jump Start

Nov. 27, 2011
Kuusamo, Finland

Austria's Gregor Schlierenzauer jumps to second place in the World Cup large-hill ski-jumping event.

Michael Nagle / Getty Images

'Tis the Season

Nov. 26, 2011
New York
Pedestrians walk along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Misha Japaridze / AP Photo

X Factor

Nov. 26, 2011

Artur Gachinski performs during the men's free skate program at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

Odd Anderson, AFP / Getty Images

Egypt Fires Up

Nov. 25, 2011

Fireworks light up the sky over Egyptian protesters at Tahrir Square in Cairo during a mass rally demanding an end to military rule.

Daniel Acker, Bloomberg / Getty Images

Ready, Set, Shop!

Nov. 25, 2011

Mentor, Ohio

Black Friday shoppers duck under the opening door of a Sears store.

John Minchillo / AP Photo

Look Out

Nov. 24, 2011
New York

A giant Sonic the Hedgehog balloon passes spectators on a balcony during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Sakchai Lalit / AP Photo

Thai Floods

Nov. 23, 2011

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Vehicles at a Honda auto factory are submerged in floodwaters at the Rojana industrial district in central Thailand.

Marcelo del Pozo, Reuters / Landov


Seville, Spain
Nov. 23, 2011

Andalusian horsemen wait with their horses before a competition at the Sicab International P.R.E. Horse Fair. 

Jae C. Hong / AP Photo


Nov. 22, 2011

Los Angeles

A 600-foot section of Paseo Del Mar slipped away in the port district of San Pedro.

Shamil Zhumatov, Pool / AP Photo

Home Sweet Home

Nov. 22, 2011
Arkalyk, Kazakhstan
Ground personnel roll the Soyuz TMA-02 space capsule containing the crew members of Expedition 29 shortly after landing. Astronauts Mike Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa, and Sergei Volkov had spent more than five months aboard the International Space Station.

Khaled Desouki / AFP-Getty Images

Violence Returns to Tahrir

Nov. 21, 2011


Egyptian protesters run for cover on the third day of clashes with security forces at Tahrir Square.


On the Line

Nov. 21, 2011
Faisalabad, Pakistan

A man stretches sheets of fabric after they were hung to dry in a field.

Tara Todras-Whitehill / AP Photo

Crackdown in Cairo

Nov. 20, 2011


Protester throws a gas canister toward riot police during clashes in downtown Cairo.

Carlos Barria / Landov

Lunch Break

Nov. 20, 2011
Daofu, China

Tibetan Buddhist nuns take a rest from repairing a mountain road.

Amit Dave / Reuters-Landov

Illuminating History

Ahmedabad , India
Nov. 19, 2011

Tourists stand inside the illuminated Adalaj Stepwell—a five level step-well built in the 15th century—during the World Heritage Week.

Finbarr, O'Reilly, Reuters / Landov


Ouidah, Benin
Nov. 19, 2011
A woman attempts to touch Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to the West African nation.

Andrew Yates, AFP / Getty Images

High Flyer

Birmingham, England
Nov. 18, 2011

Yasuhiro Ueyama of Japan performs during the men's trampoline team final at the Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships in Birmingham, central England.

Sukree Sukplang, Reuters / Landov

Higher Ground

Nov. 18, 2011

Residents walk on a makeshift stairway at a flooded area. 

David McNew / Landov

The 99 Percent

Los Angeles
Nov. 17, 2011

Anti–Wall Street protesters demonstrate in the downtown financial district.

Umit Bektas, Reuters / Landov


Wardak province, Afghanistan
Nov. 17, 2011

An Afghan girl stands next to a U.S. soldier as he takes position during a patrol as part of an overall security and disruption insurgency mission.

Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

Sonepur Mela

Sonepur, India
Nov. 16, 2011

The cattle fair—which has its roots in ancient times when people traded elephants and horses across the Ganges—is one of Asia's largest and lasts for a fortnight.

Vyacheslav Oseledko, AFP / Getty Images

In Memoriam

Chon-Tash, Kyrgyzstan
Nov. 16, 2011

Visitors pray at a newly opened memorial site dedicated to the victims of an April 2010 uprising. More than 80 antigovernment demonstrators were killed during the revolt that ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

Seth Wenig / AP Photo


Nov. 15, 2011
New York

A pedestrian takes a picture of an empty and closed Zuccotti Park after police officers evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters overnight.

Kevin Frayer / AP Photo

Mother's Love

Nov. 15, 2011
Sonepur, India

An elephant handler watches as a female elephant named Laxmi reaches for her 13-month old daughter Rani, at the Sonepur Fair.

Frank Augstein / AP Photos

All of the Lights

Nov. 14, 2011
Duisburg, Germany

The sculpture Tiger and Turtle resembles a roller coaster.

Khin Maung Win / AP Photo

Cook Shop

Nov. 14, 2011
Rangoon, Burma

A man makes earthen pots with help from his family members at their workshop in Twantay.


Bombed Out

Nov. 13, 2011
Kyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Local residents look at the debris of a girls' school after it was bombed by alleged Taliban militants.

Dmitry Lovetsky / AP

Light in the Sky

Nov. 12, 2011
St. Petersburg, Russia

Hundreds of paper lanterns are launched into the sky as part of a flash mob.

Sheng Li, Reuters / Landov

Curtain Call

Nov. 12, 2011
Tongguan, China

A girl applies makeup before participating in a Kam Grand Choir performance of the Dong ethnic minority village of Tongguan, in Guizhou province. The Kam Grand is a traditional polyphonic choral performance of the Dong people; the event drew more than 2,000 participants.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Armistice Day

Alrewas, United Kingdom
Nov. 11, 2011

Veteran Philip Malins, age 92, takes part in a moment of silence at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Everett Kennedy Brown, EPA / Landov

Falling Markets

Nov. 10, 2011

Japanese businessman watches the Nikkei Stock Average fall 254.64 points.

Reuters / Landov

Walking the Line

Nov. 10, 2011

Members of the Iranian Army academy perform maneuvers during a graduation ceremony.

Akhtar Soomro / Reuters-Landov


Nov. 9, 2011
Karachi, Pakistan

Twenty-seven Indian fishermen are detained for venturing into Pakistan's waters.

Aaron Favila / AP Photo

Water World

Nov. 9, 2011

A Thai resident walks on road barriers to cross flooded streets.

Navesh Chitrakar, Reuters / Landov

Narsingh Avatar

Nov. 8, 2011

Lalitpur, Nepal

A medium performs the religious dance "Narsingng the last day of the traditional Kartic dance festival at Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur. Observed for eight days, the festival is the longest dance festival in Nepal.

Luc Gnago, Reuters / Landov

Election Day

Nov. 8, 2011
Monrovia, Liberia 

A woman votes in Liberia's presidential election run-off at a polling station in West Point, a slum of Monrovia.  Rising tension, a planned opposition boycott and fresh memories of a day of deadly clashes hung over Liberia's election day.

Sean Young / Landov

Floating Away

Nov 7. 2011
Nanjing, China

A balloon vendor yawns as she waits for customers on her electric bicycle.

Kathy Kmonicek / AP Photo

Head of the Pack

Nov. 6, 2011
New York

The leaders of the men's New York City Marathon run through Queens across from the Manhattan skyline. Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya won with a time of 2:05:06.


Bottle Service

Nov. 6, 2011
Jiaxing, China

A Chinese laborer collects plastic bottles at a recycling center.

Arif Ali / AFP-Getty Images

Break Time

Nov. 5, 2011
Lahore, Pakistan

A boy takes a break for tea at a bustling livestock market ahead of Eid ul-Adha. The annual Islamic holiday, which falls Nov. 7–8 in Pakistan, is marked by the ritual sacrifice after morning prayers of sheep, goats, cows, and other livestock whose meat is then shared with the poor.

Fayez Nureldine, AFP / Getty Images

Pilgrimage to Mecca

Nov. 5, 2011
Mount Arafat, Saudi Arabia

Muslim worshippers gather at sunrise to pray at Mount Arafat during the annual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.

Birds of a Feather

Nov. 4, 2011
Gretna, Scotland

Starlings fill the evening sky in Scotland.

Muhammed Muheisen / AP Photo

Counting Sheep

Nov. 4, 2011

Mohammed Sher, center, sells sheep in an open market in Kabul for Eid-al-Adha, a Muslim holiday beginning Sunday.

Denis Sinyakov, Reuters / Landov

Moscow's Red Square

Nov. 3, 2011

Parade rehearsal for the anniversary of soldiers marching toward the front lines during World War II.

Jung Yeon-Je, AFP / Getty Images

Tensions Flare

Nov. 3, 2011

South Korean demonstrators struggle with riot police in front of the National Assembly during a rally opposing a free trade agreement with the United States.

Andy Rain, EPA / Landov

Meet the Press

Nov. 2, 2011

Julian Assange faces the press after losing his appeal against extradition from the U.K. to Sweden on sexual assault charges. Read Mike Giglio's interview with libertarian hero Vaughan Smith, who has been housing the WikiLeaks founder in Britain.

Navesh Chitrakar, Reuters / Landov

Here Comes the Sun

Nov. 2, 2011
Kathmandu, Nepal

Hindu worshippers wait for sunrise to offer prayers during the final day of Chhat, a festival that celebrates the Sun God. 

China Daily, Reuters / Landov


Nov. 1, 2011
Jiuquan, China

China bursts into the space race with the unmanned Shenzhou 8. If it docks successfully, the nation will join Russia and the U.S. as the third country to have a permanant space station within the next 10 years.

Moon Over Athens

Nov. 1, 2011

A crescent moon is seen over the Parthenon atop Athens's ancient Acropolis.

Romeo Ranoco / Landov

Cleaning for the Dead

Oct. 31, 2011
Navotas, Philippines

Two kids scale towering "apartment-style" tombs in a public cemetery for All Saint's Day. Armed with a can of paint, the boys spruce up the graves in preparation for locals who come to offer prayers for the dead.

John McConnico / AP Photo

Country Living

Oct. 30, 2011
Capriana, Moldova

A farm worker hoists a fallen tree over his shoulder as he tends to a monastery's cornfields. As Europe spirals deeper into debt, life in its poorest country is especially strained.

Jessica Rinaldi / Landov

Winter Makes an Entrance

Oct. 29, 2011
New York

New Yorkers' umbrellas didn't stand a chance against an October storm that took the Northeast by surprise. Three million were left without power and 20 have been reported dead as fall weather took a turn for the worse.

Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

Getting Some Air

Oct. 29, 2011

A snowboarder flies through the air during a 100-meter-long and 32-meter-high snow jump at the FIS Freestyle Snowboarding World Cup hosted by the International Ski Federation.

Jim Cole / AP Photo

The Race Is On

Oct. 28, 2011
Concord, N.H.

Before delivering a giddy speech praising the Granite State, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry signed paperwork to put him on New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential-primary ballot.

Tom Dorsey / AP Photo

An Early-Morning Stroll

Oct. 28, 2011
Salina, Kansas

Silhouetted against the dawn light, a Buddhist monk walks with the flags of America and Kansas before setting them in front of the local temple.

Damir Sagolj / Landov

Bangkok Under Water

Oct. 27, 2011

As floodwaters threaten to overtake the Thai capital, a man in a life jacket peacefully floats through his once dry city.

Noah Berger / AP Photo

All Fired Up

Oct. 26, 2011

A protester tags a building as 1,000 march during a peaceful Occupy Oakland protest. The day before, an Iraq War veteran was seriously injured when police fired projectiles at the demonstrators.

A Surprise in the Rubble

Oct. 25, 2011
Ercis, Turkey

There was a happy moment amid the devastation as rescuers dug out a 2-week-old baby girl from the rubble of one of the 2,000 buildings that crumbled under Turkey's deadly magnitude-7.2 earthquake.

© Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Sealing the City

Oct. 24, 2011

A Buddhist monk strolls through the streets of Bangkok during the most catastrophic flooding in half a century. Locals have been working tirelessly to build makeshift levees hoping to keep the encroaching water from overtaking the capital.

Aude Osnowycz / Landov

Voter's Souvenir

Oct. 23, 2011

A woman proudly displays her finger after voting in the country's first democratic election since the ouster of a two-decade-long brutal regime.

Amru Salahuddien / Landov

A Morbid Exhibit

Oct. 22, 2011
Misrata, Libya

The bodies of Libya's disposed leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim were displayed in a shopping mall's storage freezer for four days before being buried in an undisclosed location.


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