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Photos: The 25 Most Charitable Celebrities

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The Daily Beast

Which celebrities have given the most of themselves to promote their causes? Who is an outspoken advocate and who just shows up for the year-end gala? The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to find out which celebrities were really the most charitable with the most valuable resource of all: their fame.


25 percent: public perception of activism and compassion, from E-Poll Market Research, which measures the likeability and awareness of celebrities and public figures based on in-depth survey results of 46 attribute ratings

25 percent: number of charities supported, as reported by celebrity charity tracker Looktothestars.org

25 percent: promotion in magazines, major U.S. newspapers, and television (each market is weighted equally)

25 percent: promotion in online media, measured by Internet presence from Google page results and celebrity online impact scores from Traacker.


1. Elton John

Number of Charities: 48      

Public Perception Rank: 13 

Traditional Media Rank: 2  

Online Media Rank: 7

Ethan Miller/Getty

2. Angelina Jolie

Number of Charities: 29     

Public Perception Rank: 4   

Traditional Media Rank: 1  

Online Media Rank: 24

Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic

3. Bono

Number of Charities: 35     

Public Perception Rank: 1   

Traditional Media Rank: 11

Online Media Rank: 21

Michelly Rall/Getty

4. Oprah Winfrey

Number of Charities: 21     

Public Perception Rank: 3   

Traditional Media Rank: 6  

Online Media Rank: 5

Frazer Harrison

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Number of Charities: 38

Public Perception Rank: 5

Traditional Media Rank: 15

Online Media Rank: 9

Slaven Vlasic/Getty

6. Michael J. Fox

Number of Charities: 6

Public Perception Rank: 2

Traditional Media Rank: 4

Online Media Rank: 2

Kevork Djansezian/Getty

7. Brad Pitt

Number of Charities: 39

Public Perception Rank: 7

Traditional Media Rank: 7

Online Media Rank: 23

Jim Spellman/WireImage

8. Susan Sarandon

Number of Charities: 34

Public Perception Rank: 6

Traditional Media Rank: 19

Online Media Rank: 20

Ian Gavan/Getty

9. George Clooney

Number of Charities: 32

Public Perception Rank: 18

Traditional Media Rank: 3

Online Media Rank: 22

Kevin Winter/Getty

10. Paul McCartney

Number of Charities: 35

Public Perception Rank: 17

Traditional Media Rank: 13

Online Media Rank: 8

Jamie Squire/Getty

11. Willie Nelson

Number of Charities: 16

Public Perception Rank: 10

Traditional Media Rank: 5

Online Media Rank: 12

Christopher Polk/Getty

12. Keith Urban

Number of Charities: 15

Public Perception Rank: 21

Traditional Media Rank: 20

Online Media Rank: 1

Brad Barket/Getty

13. Whoopi Goldberg

Number of Charities: 22

Public Perception Rank: 9

Traditional Media Rank: 22

Online Media Rank: 4

Gareth Cattermole/Getty

14. Tom Hanks

Number of Charities: 28

Public Perception Rank: 15

Traditional Media Rank: 24

Online Media Rank: 14

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

15. Eva Longoria

Number of Charities: 35

Public Perception Rank: 23

Traditional Media Rank: 23

Online Media Rank: 10


16. Matt Damon

Number of Charities: 31

Public Perception Rank: 19

Traditional Media Rank: 8

Online Media Rank: 25

Jason Merritt/Getty

17. Madonna

Number of Charities: 26

Public Perception Rank: 25

Traditional Media Rank: 14

Online Media Rank: 13

Dave Hogan/Getty

18. Robin Williams

Number of Charities: 26

Public Perception Rank: 22

Traditional Media Rank: 21

Online Media Rank: 11


19. Betty White

Number of Charities: 9

Public Perception Rank: 8

Traditional Media Rank: 12

Online Media Rank: 18

Jason Merritt/Getty

20. Jessica Alba

Number of Charities: 28

Public Perception Rank: 24

Traditional Media Rank: 17

Online Media Rank: 19

Kevin Winter/Getty

21. Morgan Freeman

Number of Charities: 17

Public Perception Rank: 11

Traditional Media Rank: 25

Online Media Rank: 16

Jason Merritt/Getty

22. Carrie Underwood

Number of Charities: 19

Public Perception Rank: 20

Traditional Media Rank: 18

Online Media Rank: 6

Garrett Ellwood/Getty

23. Tim Tebow

Number of Charities: 1

Public Perception Rank: 12

Traditional Media Rank: 9

Online Media Rank: 3


24. Gary Sinise

Number of Charities: 9

Public Perception Rank: 14

Traditional Media Rank: 10

Online Media Rank: 15

D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

25. Katie Couric

Number of Charities: 15

Public Perception Rank: 16

Traditional Media Rank: 16

Online Media Rank: 17