Phyllis Diller’s Wackiest ’Dos

The comedian will be remembered for her searing wit—and crazy hair. From perms to wigs, see her best ’dos.

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Phyllis Diller

The comedian, who died Monday at age 95, will be remembered for her rapid-fire tongue, searing wit—and crazy hair. From perms to wigs, bobs, and flips, see her best ’dos through the years. 

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Nailing the Shtick

Diller refined her signature kookiness early on. In Elia Kazan’s 1961 film Splendor in the Grass, she portrayed the blonde hostess Texas Guinan.

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The Bob

At 45 in 1963, Diller posed at the Americana Hotel in New York.

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Talking Turkey

Diller got in theme for Thanksgiving in 1967, and wore turkey feathers in her hair.

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Lots of Frizz

Diller amped up the volume for an appearance in the 1960s.

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Green Machine

Diller appeared in a green wig for St. Patrick’s Day in 1979.

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'80s Glory

Nothing says the 1980s quite like Diller in full regalia performing onstage at Bob Hope’s 80th birthday party in Washington, D.C., in 1983.

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Diller shows off her signature impression with a sequined collar and a perm in 1984.

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Hot Stuff

Never one to disappoint, Diller opted for a shocking all-red ensemble for a Halloween party in Los Angeles in October 2000.

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Jazz Hands

Diller’s hair resembled a bird of paradise in August 2000.   

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All Smiles

The hair was equally as voluminous for a charity vaudeville show on May 3, 2004.