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Radio Flyer

It’s Matt Miller Time!

The race to replace Henry Waxman is on, and the host of ‘Left, Right, Center’ is at the helm, looking to do more than just talk the talk.

Ira Glass for President! Robert Siegel for Vice-President! Nina Totenberg for attorney general, obviously, and then maybe those Car Talk guys can share the job of Secretary of Transportation. Fundraisers will phase away, of course, in favor of pledge drives.The complete public radio takeover of federal government may still be a long ways off, but the Tote Bag caucus in the House of Representatives could grow by one come November when Matt Miller, the longtime host of the nationally syndicated public affairs show “Left Right and Center” hopes to be sworn into Congress, replacing the retiring Henry Waxman.

Don't Go There

Lawmakers Warn Michelin Over Iran

Eric Piermont /AFP/Getty

French companies could risk Pentagon contracts if they take further steps towards doing business with Iran.

International firms racing to do business with post-sanctions Iran could jeopardize their contracts with the the United States military. Three Republican lawmakers who serve on the House Armed Services Committee warned French firms last week that dealings with Iran could make it impossible to do business with the Pentagon in the future.“We write to you with grave concern about what we see as the unraveling of our sanctions regime involving the nuclear weapons, ballistic missile, and terrorism activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” wrote Reps.

Watch Out

First They Came for the Gays

Will Seberger/Newscom

If Republicans allow businesses to refuse people in the name of religious freedom, you can expect women, minorities, and others to get the cold shoulder.

If the Republican-controlled Arizona state legislature has its way, gays could be thrown out of bars, restaurants, and hotels across the state.Last week it passed a bill that would permit businesses to deny services to any person if doing so would substantially burden the business owners “exercise of religion.”  Why? Because the Bible condemns such homosexual unions. In essence, this measure would legally sanction discrimination against gay Americans by masquerading as a defense of religious freedom.

Fed Up

The Fed’s Big Recession Fail

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Recently released transcripts from a September 2008 meeting say Fed officials spoke more about inflation than the impending (and obvious) recession. Say what?!

If you didn’t read through the Federal Open Markets Committee transcripts released last week, I beg you to go take at least a cursory look. Unless you have a weak heart.Mine, I can tell you, almost shot right out of my chest when I read these passages in Binyamin Applebaum’s New York Times write-up on Saturday morning:As Fed officials gathered on Sept. 16 [2008] at their marble headquarters in Washington for a previously scheduled meeting, stock markets were in free fall.


Obama Cousin’s Creepy Pastime

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Milton Wolf, the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Kansas against incumbent Republican Pat Roberts, came under fire for posting X-rays of dead people on his Facebook page this weekend.

One of the last questions that a credible candidate for U.S. Senate wants to be asked is "Do you still post pictures of dead people on the Internet?" But that was a question Tim Carpenter of the Topeka Capital Journal asked Kansas Republican Milton Wolf on Saturday. Wolf didn't have a good answer.Wolf, the Tea Party challenger to longtime incumbent Senator Pat Roberts, is a doctor in suburban Kansas City who posted images of gruesome patient X-rays on the Internet, specifically on his Facebook page.


Top Spy: We Can’t Stop Leakers

Jim Lo Scalzo--Pool

President Obama's Director of National Intelligence spent his life protecting secrets. Then came the biggest leak of all.

Every morning at around 4:30 a.m., James Clapper wakes up and prepares for  the worst job in Washington. He is the nation’s top intelligence officer at a time when the intelligence community is derided because it can’t keep its secrets, and loathed because some of the secrets it has tried to hide  concern the same American citizens it was charged with protecting. Thanks to rogue contractor Edward Snowden, the machinations of the shadow bureaucracy Clapper heads have for the last eight months been exposed one news story at a time.

The GOP’s Ted Nugent Problem

Lyle A. Waisman/Getty

If conservatives want to be media stars tomorrow, they’ve got to get to work today.

Ted Nugent played my dad’s high school in 1968. As he plowed through what was then a terrifying, alluring setlist, the kids did something unthinkable. In fact, it was unprecedented, and strictly against the rules: They got up out of their seats, and ran down to the foot of the stage.The Nuge paused, approvingly, between songs. But the air was pierced by an even more dangerous and unsettling sound—the sound of counter-revolution. In the rear of the auditorium stood the vice principal, an older woman possessed of commanding authority and not a compunction about using it.

Hed: Meet the Emperor of America

Meet the Emperor of America

Larry Downing/Reuters

Justice Anthony Kennedy has more power than any president or justice in history to decree the law of the land. Agree with him or not, there is something wrong with this picture.

Federal district courts around the country have been ordering states at a surprisingly rapid clip to endorse (not merely tolerate) gay marriage in the months since the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to do so last June.This may give the impression that the judges are merely falling in line with the stunning (and, in my view, most welcome) reversal of public opinion on gay rights in recent years.And so they are. When engaging in what can only loosely be called “interpretation,” the Supreme Court, and lower courts, certainly do follow the election returns, and the polls, and elite opinion, and their own political instincts.


Political Operatives Hit Jackpot


‘Dark money’ nonprofits are pouring cash into the midterm elections. But it’s become nearly impossible to follow the money—though it appears to be making consultants rich.

This report is cross-posted at the Center for Responsive Politics.More than eight months out from Election Day, voters around the country are already being peppered with political attack ads like this one from a 501(c)(4) social-welfare organization, whose address is a post-office box in Des Moines, Iowa. In this second midterm election since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, nonparty groups such as super PACs and politically active nonprofits have already spent nearly $31 million on these kinds of ads, three times more than they had dumped into congressional races at this point in the 2010 cycle.

Dream Team

Clinton/Bachmann 2016!


The Congresswoman from Loonyville says Americans can’t handle a woman in the Oval Office—never mind her own presidential run.

As the only woman to win a delegate to the Republican convention in almost forty years, Michele Bachmann now says many Americans “aren’t ready” for a female president. “I don’t think there is a pent-up desire,” she told syndicated columnist Cal Thomas last week. I’ve been in Washington a long time, and I’m accustomed to hypocrisy, mendacity, and good old-fashioned flip-flopping. What I don’t understand is a woman who ran for president, who asked people to give her substantial sums of money to advance her campaign, who now says the country isn’t ready.

16th Minute

Sarah Palin's Back On Reality TV

Sarah Palin released the promo for her new reality television show Thursday. It features electric guitars and a lot of flags.

Sarah Palin, the former star of the TLC show Sarah Palin's America, released a promo for newest television show Amazing America on Thursday. Palin, who also appears regularly on Fox News, appears in silhouette in front of an American flag while electric guitars play in the background. Quotes about her appear on the screen as the camera focuses on her darkened figure. Then, the lights come on and Palin appears fully lit and declares "America prepare to be amazed.

Up to a Point

Two-Man Bobsled and Stray-Dog Stew

David Howells/Corbis

It was a week of surprises: the other secret stash Assad is keeping, a really unlikely place to get help with Obamacare, and the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ winner who’s now running Italy.

Sochi Olympics Sending Mixed Message on Gay Issues…Transgender ex-Italian MP Vladimir “Vladi” Luxuria was detained by security guards for waving a rainbow banner bearing the slogan “It’s OK to be Gay.” And Vladimir “Vladi” Putin was fascinated by the two-man bobsled event.Good News From Sochi…Stray-dog problem under control and plentiful servings of stew available at Olympic hotel restaurants.In Other Foreign Conflicts…Syrian Peace Talk Negotiators Setting Example for Everyone in Syria…Opposing sides refuse to even come near each other.


No, Texas, Abuse Isn’t Foreplay


The prospective DA for a Texas county with abysmally high domestic violence rates has issued the woeful opinion that abuse is really just a prelude to sex.

Lloyd Oliver proves that it’s not just Republicans who completely misunderstand any and all things related to sex and women’s rights. The Democratic candidate for district attorney in Texas’ Harris County argued that domestic violence is over-prosecuted because folks just don’t realize it’s part of foreplay.The prospective DA both discounts and fetishizes domestic abuse. In an interview with the Texas Observer, Oliver said “Family violence is so, so overrated.

Comeback Kid

‘Vote for the Crook’

Kerry Maloney/AP

The 86-year-old Democrat is a Louisiana legend: three-term governor, ex-congressman, and witty acquitted criminal.

Edwin Edwards is an octogenarian ex-con and reality television star who brags that Viagra is made from his blood. He may also enter Congress next year.Edwards served there 40 years ago and spent 16 years as the governor of Louisiana. While the 86-year-old Louisiana political legend has pushed back at a report from Al Hunt on Bloomberg that he definitely would run, he hasn’t ruled it out.The seat that he’s targeting is a central Louisiana district that includes Baton Rouge and stretches down to grab both parts of Acadiana and some New Orleans suburbs.


NeoCons Say ‘Hello, Dalai’


In the right-wing temple, the high priests of capitalism debated morality with the Dalai Lama, who acknowledged he could see more than ‘exploitation’ in free enterprise.

Welcoming the Dalai Lama to the pinnacle of free enterprise in Washington for a discussion on happiness and human flourishing gave everyone in attendance a warm feeling.“This is an historic day for the AEI,” declared Arthur Brooks, president of the right-leaning think tank, as he outlined the task Thursday morning of examining free enterprise from a moral standpoint—faith, family, community, “not money,” he emphasized, adding with a winning smile that as an economist, it “hurts me to say money is not on the list.

'Clinton Vs. Bush? Count Me In'

A Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush presidential faceoff would be great for America. So says Daily Beast contributor Mark McKinnon, who joined 'Morning Joe' to explain why the U.S. needs this.

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