What Were They Thinking?

Pom Poms, Double Buns, and More of the Wildest Trends From Men's Fashion Week

Do-rags, tribal face paint, and skeletal patterns are just a few of the craziest trends to emerge from the men's catwalks in London, Milan, and Paris.

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Men's fashion week tends to bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly of clothes for guys. From do-rags and tribal face paint, to pom-poms and skeletal patterns, here's a look at the craziest trends to emerge from the men's catwalks in London, Milan, and Paris.

Ik Aldama/Demotix, via Corbis

'The Little Mermaid' Graphics

The MAN models, a British label designed by Nicomede Talavera, Liam Hodges, and Bobby Abley, were decked out in graphics perfectly suited for a trip "Under The Sea," including neoprene tops clad with faces reminiscent of Ursula and Flounder.

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Dressing Like A Koosh Ball

Sibling's London show tried making pom-poms a thing. But really, who needs hair and make-up when you're covered by a giant red Koosh ball? 

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Double Buns

First Miley. Then Rita Ora. Now Christopher Shannon has hopped on the double bun trend, sending models down the runway sporting the strange, knotted hairstyle.



Jeremy Scott loves to have fun with his collections, and his menswear line for Moschino, presented in London, was no exception. Aside from suits decorated with countless country flags and monogrammed clothing that poked fun at labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes, Scott also showed an array of mesh clothing, accompanied by coordinating do-rags.

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Tribal Face Paint

The model is actually a tucan. Get it? Walter Van Beirendonck accompanied his looks with outrageous face paint, which, for example, seemingly transformed his model into a tropical bird.

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Skeletal Patterns

Men in skirts is one thing. But men in skirts that are printed with skeleton bones? KTZ took things to the next level. 

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Paging John Lennon

Woodstock called, they want their people back. Designer Katie Eary channeled John Lennon to the nth degree, showing colorful aviators, peace-sign printed jeans, and classic mocassins.

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Pig Noses

Forget the straw, Vivienne Westwood top hat that could become Pharrell's new favorite accessory. We're more focused on the model's other accessory: a pig nose.

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Neon Camouflage

DSquared2 turned its runway into a technicolor jungle. We'd love to see who'd actually wear neon-colored camouflage—there's no prayer of blending in there.

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Silky Kimonos

Astrid Anderson's collection was half-sporty, half-Asian inspired, with men donning basketball shorts with delicate, silky kimonos. A match made in... heaven?