Queen's Guards Get Scabies!

WPA Pool / Getty Images


Twenty guardsmen responsible for protecting the Queen at Windsor Castle have contracted the skin disease scabies, the Daily Mail has reported.

The Coldstream Guards, who guard the Monarch at her Royal Residences and live near Windsor Castle at Victoria Barracks, are said to have contracted the disease when on exercise in Germany.

Important note: Royal sources have insisted that the guards don’t come into contact with the Royal Family and thus couldn’t have affected them, according to the Mail.“All this is pretty embarrassing for us, and the other Guards regiments are having a great laugh. Beds have been stripped, clothes lockers emptied and offices fumigated. In all my years in the Guards Division I haven’t heard of anything like this,” said one guardsman.An MoD spokesman said: "A small number of cases of scabies have been identified at Victoria Barracks”.