Adventurous Dining

Restaurants in Cool and Unexpected Places (PHOTOS)

There nothing quite like a fabulous meal, but it’s even better when you’re eating it in an amazing and unexpected location—like the ocean floor, perhaps, or inside an ice castle.


Under the Sea: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Rangali Island, Maldives

Situated more than 16 feet below sea level in the Indian Ocean, this glass-enclosed spot cost about $5 million to construct. Patrons can scope 180-degree views of coral reefs and a wide variety of fish, as well as manta rays, sharks, and other aquatic inhabitants.

Timo Laapotti

In an Ice Castle: LumiLinna Snowcastle Restaurant

Kemi, Finland

Don’t even think about ditching your coat once you’re inside; the food served may be warm, but the temperature at this eatery is a steady -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Typically open from January through April—for as long as the weather hovers around -8 Celsius (about 18 degrees Fahrenheit)—this icy architectural wonder is reconstructed every year from a special set of molds.

Soneva Kiri

In a Tree: The Dining Pod

Koh Kood, Thailand


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… lunch? Once you’re seated inside a giant, open-air bamboo capsule with a table and cushioned seats, you’ll be raised up into the rainforest trees and have your food delivered by a zipline-riding waiter. (The ocean views are pretty impressive, too.)

The Rock

On a Remote Rock: The Rock

Zanzibar, Africa

What began as a fisherman’s post off the coast of Michanvi Pingwe beach has become the location of one of Zanzibar’s most iconic seafood restaurants. During low tide, guests can walk from shore, but during high tide, the eatery provides boat service.


On the Side of a Cliff: Aescher

Wasserauen, Switzerland

The Alpine altitude won’t be the only thing taking your breath away at this cliffside chalet; the cable car ride up is just as amazing/terrifying. But even if you’re wary of heights, the mountain views will be worth braving the trek.


In a Refurbished Greenhouse: De Kas

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2001, Michelin-starred chef Gert Jan Hagemen prevented this glass structure from being demolished and transformed it into a farm-to-table restaurant, where many ingredients are picked fresh daily from the garden outside.

Look Die Bildagentur Der Fotografen GMBH/Alamy

In a Cave: Grotto Palazzese

Puglia, Italy

Tucked inside a limestone cavern, this summer-only spot (open May through October) has hosted elegant dinners since the 18th century, when Italian nobility held banquets in the space.

Franck Fotos/Alamy

In an Airplane: The Airplane Restaurant


Used in the 1950s to refuel other aircraft, this Boeing KC-97 tanker has been converted into a fully functioning restaurant in which 42 people can nibble on all-American fare.

Hanging from a Crane: Dinner in the Sky

Locations Vary

Inviting friends to dinner is one thing, but hosting a fete, 160 feet up in the air? Now that’s a party. Offered in several cities as a pop-up restaurant, this roving soiree straps participants to chairs surrounding a fully set table.

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