Debate Loser

Romney Would Cut PBS Funding? 7 Unemployed Big Bird Memes (PHOTOS)

Forget Obama. Big Bird was the real loser in Denver after Romney threatened to slash PBS subsidies.

Mitt Romney says he loves Big Bird, but at Wednesday’s debate he threatened to put the lovable Sesame Street character out of work if he takes the Oval Office in January. When Romney announced his plans to halt government subsidies for PBS, a massive outcry ensued and the Interwebs went wild with tweets and memes supporting Big Bird. We can only imagine what creative jobs bloggers will come up with for the bird to replace his sweet gig on Sesame Street.

Poor Big Bird

The newly minted Twitter account “Fired Big Bird” tweeted this sad image shortly after Romney’s disparaging line. Despite Mitt Romney’s promises of help for the struggling lower classes, Big Bird could soon be out of a job and find himself on the stoop, begging for help.

Kill List

Many consider the raid that killed Osama bin Laden a highlight of Obama’s presidential tenure. But don’t think Romney doesn’t have an equally impressive kill under his sleeve. Two words, one large creature: Big Bird.

‘Sesame’ Gang

Watch your back, Mitt Romney. No one messes with Sesame Street. Especially not the version outfitted with switchblades and machine guns. Hope Romney’s aides come well prepared to this back-alley rumble.

Militant Big Bird

Big Bird can hold his own against Romney when it comes to threats about his beloved network (and when he’s fully armed).

Leave Big Bird Alone!

Just like Britney, people are putting a lot of scrutiny on Big Bird, and it makes this guy really emotional.

Sad Bird

How Big Bird feels, so feels the world. And right now, Big Bird is very, very sad. Someone find this creature a new job.

The 47 Percent

So that’s who Romney was referring to when he said 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes. It’s unclear whether the presidential candidate has a plan in place to crack down on animal tax evaders.

Illustration by Mike Munoz / The Daily Beast

Romney’s Big Bird Shoes

It’s been a big week for Big Bird. On Sunday, Céline designer Phoebe Philo presented a minimalist collection—complete with a pair of furry shoes reminiscent of Big Bird. Was it just us, or did Romney’s shoes look suspiciously like those shoes? More important, is Romney going to kill Big Bird and use him for his shoes?