Royal Wedding Gossip

Prince Charles made jokes about his son’s hairline, Prince William imitated young Grace Van Cutsem—and by 3 a.m., Prince Harry was missing his bowtie. The Daily Beast rounds up the best wedding gossip from the U.K. press.

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror captured Prince Harry sitting at the front of a bus transporting guests home from the royal afterparty at Buckingham Palace around 3 a.m. Three buttons of his shirt were undone and his bowtie was apparently missing. Meanwhile, his on-again, off-again flame, Chelsy Davy, traveled in a car with his cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, whose puzzling sartorial choices at the royal wedding landed them on many “ worst-dressed” lists. Many have speculated that Prince Harry might set his sights on Duchess Middleton’s lovely sister, Pippa Middleton, and The Daily Mirror is no exception, going so far as concocting a spoof royal best man speech where Harry scams on Pippa.

The Sun

At the Westminster Abbey altar, Prince William turned to Michael Middleton and his stunning daughter Kate, and, according to The Sun, cracked a joke. “I just thought it would be a small family affair!” he said. There was also a huge party back at Middleton’s hometown of Bucklebury in Berkshire, where the now-Duchess’ parents still live. According to The Sun, John Haley, a wedding invitee and owner of Middleton’s favorite pub, The Old Boot Inn, threw an invite-only party for 350 guests. The tabloid also previously reported that Kate Middleton spent £225 ($376) on honeymoon outfits at Warehouse, a trendy London shop in the King's Road. She reportedly chose a £55 lace-trim blouse, a £45 feather print off-the-shoulder dress, a £65 bird print frock and a £60 bandeau dress.

The Telegraph

At Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception at Buckingham Palace Friday night, Prince Harry reportedly made a very light-hearted best man’s speech filled with jokes at his brother’s expense and even some aimed at his elderly relatives, according to The Telegraph. After the evening dinner hosted by Prince Charles to celebrate the royal couple, Harry took center stage in front of the 300 or so guests, cracking wise about the relative heights of Kate and the Duke of Edinburgh, who was dwarfed by the new Duchess of Cambridge in her heels. Millie Pilkington, a friend of the Middleton’s who acted as private photographer for the wedding reception, said it was a "wonderful, intimate family affair" while the speeches were "absolutely hysterical,” according to The Telegraph. She added, “The evening was buzzing, absolutely extraordinary. The daytime was wonderful – it was very, very relaxing and exciting and spectacular – but the evening was almost more magical.”

The Daily Mail

During his best man speech, Prince Harry reportedly made a crack about the Duke of Edinburgh’s height, saying Kate Middleton dwarfed him in her three-inch heels, and Kate’s sister, Pippa “did not appear amused,” according to The Daily Mail. Earlier in the day, at an afternoon champagne reception thrown by the queen for 650 guests, The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles gave a touching speech: “He said they were really lucky to have a daughter like her,” according to Kate’s former primary school headmaster. Then Charles really brought the house down. Susie Lea, a friend of the Middleton family, told The Daily Mail, “The Prince of Wales made a few jokes about his bald patch and his son’s bald patch, saying it must be hereditary.” She added, “He was stood slightly up on a small stand so he was looking down on William to his left. William smiled, he was amused. Kate looked amused as well.” The Daily Mail also reported that Prince William was worried about 3-year-old bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem, who famously clapped her hands over her ears as the couple stood out on the balcony exchanging kisses. Back inside the palace, the prince was caught on camera commenting to Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla: “Did you see how terrified Grace looked? Grace, she was like with her hands on her ears,” reported The Daily Mail. He then mimicked Grace’s celebrated gesture.

The Guardian

While the real royalty got actual coaches, and the Middletons arrived in limousines, a troop of lesser-known royals rented minibuses:
"Must be the Middletons," sniped commentators when the vans came into view. Princess Michael of Kent, Zara Phillips, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester crammed into the vehicles. The BBC's Huw Edwards put it delicately: “Here are other royals arriving in mini… coaches.” Clarence House insisted it was totally normal. "This is not the first time they have been used, they have been used many times before," said a spokesman. Meanwhile, across the channel, the French snarked at the wedding, the Guardian reports: "Much nicer than Diana's, which was a giant white taffeta curtain,” Paris-based fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said of Kate. "I love the fact that her hair is flat ... flat hair is very elegant, it gives an allure of the 1930s." He was even less kind to poor Princess Beatrice: "Where did she find that hat, in a bin? It's atrocious. There's a word for those two sisters, but I'm not going to say it."