Comic Book Alter Egos

Ryan Lochte as Aquaman, Michael Phelps as Captain America, & More Olympic Heroes (PHOTOS)

Anna Klassen gives some of her favorite Olympic athletes, from Ryan Lochte to Michael Phelps, heroic alter egos.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an Olympian! With their superior athletic talents and bright spandex ‘costumes,’ athletes at the London 2012 games can look more like superheroes than mere mortals. Anna Klassen gives some of her favorite Olympic athletes heroic alter egos.

AP Images; Everett Collection

Michael Phelps as Captain America

Fresh off winning his 20th Olympic medal, Team USA swimmer Michael Phelps is America’s own secret weapon. Coincidentally, Marvel’s Captain America is known for his “strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes” ... all of which pretty sums up our own American hero, Mr. Phelps. Oh, and being one badass fish in a pool.

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Ryan Lochte as Aquaman

There’s really no denying that Ryan Lochte is a stud in the water. He may not have the chops of teammate Michael Phelps just yet, but he’s proven himself a tough competitor. While he lacks the gills that DC Comics’ Aquaman flaunts, his golden hair, biceps, and uncanny ability to move through the water with inhuman speed make us wonder who he was in another life.

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Natalie Coughlin as Catwoman

 The aquatic beauty may have one major difference from her feline counterpart—she’s not afraid to get her paws wet. But this Olympic athlete’s large cat-like eyes and tendency toward matte-black suits and goggles reminds us of one of our favorite DC heroes—the powerful and seductive Catwoman.

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Usain Bolt as the Green Lantern

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s name reflects his speed—lightning-fast. But if the popular gold-medalist had an alter ego, it would have to be none other than DC’s Green Lantern, a seemingly ordinary man who put on a green ring and instantly became “faster than the speed of light.” While we won’t attribute Bolt’s speed to an accessory, his fast feet do seem to be from another planet.

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Lolo Jones as Wonder Woman

DC Comics’ Wonder Woman is the epitome of female strength, beauty, and brains. Olympian LoLo Jones seems to fit the bill. A highly successful track star, Jones has made headlines for putting her love life on hold in pursuit of an Olympic career. Wonder Woman, too, would be devoid of her powers if she allowed herself to be “bound or chained” by a man. Here’s to girl power—and female athletic role models like Lolo Jones.

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Brady Ellison as The Green Arrow

Olympic archer Brady Ellison has more in common with DC Comics’ the Green Arrow than a knack for shooting an arrow and a golden tuff of facial hair. The Green Arrow was always fighting for a worthy cause, and used his arrows as a symbol of fighting injustice. As with the hooded archer, Ellison also stands up for what he believes in, shooting a pink re-curve bow to symbolize his unwavering support for breast-cancer research.

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Janos Baranyai as The Incredible Hulk

While not green with fury, the Hungarian weightlifting champ is as close as you can get to a real-life Hulk. In the 2008 Olympic Games, Baranyai suffered a horrific accident, and dislocated his elbow while attempting to lift 148 kilograms in a men’s lifting event. Although the accident was once a popular YouTube search item, the lifter has come back with Hulkish fury, participating in both the 2010 European Championships and 2010 World Championships.