Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks & More Celebrity Twitter Photos

Justin Bieber surprises the Beckhams, Taylor Swift tats herself up, and more stars' Twitter photos.

Taylor Swift

Musicians all have their pre-performance rituals—some do vocal warm ups, some meditate, and apparently, Taylor Swift writes on her arm. “Getting ready to play tonight in Milwaukee,“ the country crooner tweeted.

Ashton Kutcher

Twitter superstar Ashton Kutcher always seems to be surrounded by other celebrities. He took this photo of his wife Demi Moore, fashionistas Jeff and Mary Clarke and model Karlie Kloss, tweeting, “chill'n like villains OG Midwest style foe show.”

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde
Starlet Olivia Wilde teased her followers on Friday by tweeting, “I know I’m not supposed to tweet sexy photos (damn you Wiener!).” But she only revealed a picture of her and her dog snuggling.

Ryan Reynolds

The Green Lantern star stopped by David Letterman’s desk at The Late Show on Tuesday. On his way in the door, he flashed a smile to the cameras, which Letterman captures and tweeted.

Victoria Beckham

While normal parents slave away to appease demanding children, getting that perfect gift is easy as pie for celebrities. Victoria Beckham was able to land her kids these Epiphone guitars signed and personalized by everyone's favorite teenybopper, Justin Bieber.  She thanked him via Twitter. “They are so happy!!!!!!” Beckham tweeted.

Tom Hanks

“Guess where we are,” actor Tom Hanks cheekily tweeted. If the skyline and the basketball in his hand don’t clue you in, the cop car should give it away.

Willow Smith

What’s cuter than Willow Smith? Willow Smith sipping an old-fashioned milk shake. The hair whipping diva thoroughly enjoyed her whipped cream-topped treat, tweeting, “SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!”

Jessica Alba

Although she’s bulging with baby no. 2,  Jessica Alba still finds time for charity work. Here she is supporting homeless youth with a Titanic legend at a Convent House event. “With @JimCameron & Suzy,” Alba tweeted.

Jim Carrey

Channeling his usual insanity, Mr. Popper’s Penguins star Jim Carrey was torn in two over the  Stanley Cup Finals. “I Love Vancouver! I love Boston! EITHER WAY, I WIN AND LOSE!!!” Carrey tweeted. “IT’S TEARING ME APAAAAART!”

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen
Self-proclaimed rocker Taylor Momson linked up with fellow eyeliner-aficionado Rob Zombie and tweeted this snapshot. What did they discuss? Our guess: speaking in monotone and perfecting disaffected facial expressions.

Fran Drescher

Not all Hollywood splits have to end tragically, as Fran Drescher’s latest sitcom Happily Divorced proves. The show was inspired by her real-life separation from gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Judging by this photo, Drescher is now enjoying the single life, tweeting, “what an amazing entrance!!!!” from a party for the series.

Brooklyn Decker

Being famous isn’t glamorous, even for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Brooklyn Decker dragged herself out of bed early in the morning to make an appearance on Good Morning America. “Woke up at 6:23am, supposed to be hair and makeup ready for good morning America @ 6:30am,” Decker tweeted.